Life in San Pedro

Day Six, and it feels like I’ve been here forever already!
A basic run down of things so far:

  • I GOT A COFFEE MACHINE! Never realised until I was denied just how much I like coffee. A group of us pitched in together for a little drip machine, and has made a huge difference already!
  • I live in a casita (a little ‘cottage’, with three bunk beds and a bathroom) with three pretty awesome girls.
  • The food hasn’t been too bad – except we only eat meat once a day, and sometimes not even! There are a loooooot of beans in this part of the world. Mum, you’d hate it 😉
  • The weather has been all over the place; first two full days, it rained on and off, then two days of beautiful sunshine and heat, and today is has been blowing a gale and is totally overcast. It’s almost like I’m living in a warmer Melbourne with all these changes.
  • The mozzies are killing my life. I have to thank my beautiful Grandma, who taught us that Vicks VapoRub is one of the best things on the planet – it really is. I have never been attacked by so many mosquitoes ever (nope, not even in Townsville or Papua New Guinea!), and a dab of Vicks on eat bite immediately takes the itch away. Who knew?! Spread the word people – Vicks is the bomb!
  • I have had to explain at least a dozen times [and counting] what the go is with llamas. Yes, I am sitting here typing in my No Prob-Llama tshirt, and there is a llama plushie toy on my bed. Thank you Jemma for both the novelty of this fad, and for the top that makes me feel more like I’m back at home.
  • I played beach volleyball the other day. As in, I legitimately played a sport. No joke. And I wasn’t entirely terrible at it, either.
  • There is a coral reef around 2km out to sea from our dock – a group of us kayaked there on the weekend, and snorkeled for a bit. Apart from the mozzies, I really am living in paradise.
  • Um, this is not only a B1ble school-type enviroment, but a university level leadership course. How did I miss that?! We’ve got a presentation due tomorrow, we have to memorise a whole passage out of Rom4ns (6:11-13, 16) word-for-word by Friday, a book report due next week, and I’m giving another 20min presentation Friday week. And we’re just only two days in!!! Thrown in the deep end, for sure.
  • Town is a beautiful hour long walk down the beach. The water is a crystal clear blue, the sands are white, and palm trees line most of the way. I need to start taking photos, because this place is straight out of a Getaway episode.

Shout out to Autumn, one of my roomates, with whom I clicked straight away. She is a kindred spirit! Think Doctor Who fan, with a ‘How do you like meow’ badge on her backpack, can quote Pitch Perfect almost as if Jemma was right next to me, and knows Veggie Tales. She has made every day here brighter so far, and I am so looking forward to getting to know her better and share life here and in the future.

So – so far, so good.
The people in my school are great. I’m being challenged mentally, which I have totally missed since High School. I have coffee again. I’m working on my tan, and the UV is only medium so I basically brown without cancer (right, Cat?). I’ve got a beach front, and a pool out the back in case I get bored of the beach. I’m playing sports (still astounds even me!). I still have access to iMsg, facebook, the internet. Life is good.
Oh, and guess how much postage is for a postcard from here to home? ONLY 30¢! It’s more than that to post one within Australia, so I’m fairly skeptical… Let me know if anything turns up in your mail box 😉

I’m expecting big things here.

Keep in touch.

♥ Joy,

2 thoughts on “Life in San Pedro

  1. Mum & Dad says:

    Wow… am very thankful God has everything sorted for you, with the right friends just there beside you to laugh with and enjoy life. Bet you had to kick that mind in to action though with everything expected and required. I know you are up to it and will rise to the occasion and actually thoroughly enjoy ever bit of challenge. You can do it. Love you honey.
    Mum & Dad


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