Ah, So There’s Been a Slight Change of Plans…

There’s really no delicate way to put this…

I am no longer going to be travelling through Central America with YW4M.
I’m going to Morocco.
In sixty-five sleeps [and counting].
I’m going to be a cru5ader in AFRICA.

For the few days before we had the talk about outre4ch locations, I had been arguing with the Ho1y Sp1r1t already. He had been questioning if I would really follow wherever He asked me to go, and I would answer ‘Sure, so long as it is around here and fits into my plans!’.
For all those that I spoke to, you will know that I had my heart set on going through Mexico/Honduras/Nicaragua/Guatemala.
However, when we were given the two options for outreach (international vs. Central America),
 I knew without a doubt that Dad was pushing me totally out of my comfort zone and into the crazy plans He has for me which I didn’t even want to consider earlier! This was also confirmed through the pr4yer of our leaders, so even though I [still] can’t humanly see how it will happen, I trust that it will.

And that’s that. Like I said, change of plans!

There were a few tears at first, and there have been a few more since.
I can’t see how I will be able to get there – it’s such a HUGE change from what I had in mind! I am going to an opposite corner of the world, which I am still not sure how I feel about. But, I do so willingly and with full trust that the Father will get me there.

“If you want to make Dad laugh, tell Him your plans!” – Woody Allen

Our leaders have asked us to contact our families, friends, and ch_rches to ask for support, so that is what I am humbly doing now.
I know that many of you have already helped to send me over here, and I thank you so much for the love you have already shown me.
I’m asking now for more support – yes, financially, but also in pr4yer. This is really stretching me, and whilst I know that Dad has His hand all over the situation, it’s pretty scary knowing that I have so far to go to get where He wants me to be.
Please lift this up in pr4yer in ch_rch, in your own homes, or individually. I am already so so thankful for all you have poured in, so please do not feel in any way pressured. I firmly believe if you are to support me further financially, Dad will reveal that to you and give you a peace about it. If not, no worries! The Father will get me over there [somehow] to do mighty works for Him, and it might just be that your personal pr4yers are what makes the difference.
I’m sure this is not just a lesson in trust for me, but for some of you too.
Again, I want to emphasise that there is absolutely no pressure, and I am asking this both in faith and love.

Gifts can be made online through the YW4M DP website and the following link (substituting the 4 for an A):
During the checkout process, there is a place to designate gifts to a specific student;
just put in NAOMI JOY MOWBRAY to send me some love 🙂

Thank you again for everything.
To each and every person reading this, and passing it along – I love you.
Know that I truly love you.
– Joy

6 thoughts on “Ah, So There’s Been a Slight Change of Plans…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Naoms! I wrote a big post after this about a week ago at Bendo – did you get it? P.S. We definitely want to help you out. It wont be much but hope it helps!


    • naomimowbray says:

      Yep, and I replied! (You wrote it on the ‘Aussie Translations’ post, maybe that’s why you didn’t see the reply?)
      If you still can’t see it I can just email you!
      You guys are missed SO MUCH!!!
      And you’ll be SUPER proud of me – I go for jogs along the beach now! Yep, ME! And I ENJOY it. It’s the weirdest thing hahaha.


  2. Alyssa Stewart says:

    Wow what a shock! I am so inspired by your courage to be obedient to God and go where you know He is calling you. It’s really a very funny thing while it’s happening because you are thinking one way but in the back of your mind along with a tugging on your heart you know that God is telling you different. And sometimes all you can do is just laugh because it sounds ridiculous but again you know it’s what you’re supposed to do because it is so ridiculous and you would never think to do that on your own. The best feeling is when you give in and say “OK, I’ll do this” and He gives you such a reassurance and peace about doing it. Then you get really excited to see how He is going to get you through it and how He is going to be glorified. I am so excited for you that it is welling up inside of me as I am typing this!!! I definitely will be praying for you and this journey ahead! What I want to know is how Africa came up? How did you come to know that God is calling you there specifically? Please share if you would like, I would love to hear all about it! I love ya and miss you Naomi Joy! What amazing stories and testimonies you will have in the name of Jesus!


    • naomimowbray says:

      Yeah, of course I can share! I actually have to share this computer in a sec, so I promise to write a post about how it all came about ASAP 🙂
      Thank you for your prayers.
      Love and miss you too!!! Have been making some pretty good friends, but between you and me (and the internet hehe), I just miss my Life Group and Hope Church.
      Having you guys alongside me through life is a huge blessing and I can’t wait to come home and share about my adventures!


  3. Liz says:

    I thought you were going to say youre coming home (I was excited for half a second). You are one brave person heading to a place where God means Allah. Thinking of you; good luck xx


    • naomimowbray says:

      Haha Lizzie, not just yet! Still have to work on those dance moves for you, remember? 😉
      Thank you again for just being you. I feel like I thank you almost every time I speak to you, but you are seriously such a light in my life and make me smile every time I think of you!
      Hope you’re loving life.


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