Aussie Translations

Super quick one for my Monday afternoon (or Tuesday morning, I guess for everyone back home!)

I learnt very quickly that there are certain words I say in everyday life at home, that people either do not even know, or think are bizarre.

A list of the ones I could come up with quickly are as follows (including their translation):

  • Mozzie = mosquitoes
  • Cozzie = bikini
  • Trackies = tracksuit pants
  • Jumper = apparently this is NOT obvious to anyone from America/Canada. Seriously guys? Sweatshirt?
  • Thongs = NOT the g-string
  • Sunnies = sunglasses. Again, I thought this was obvious.
  • Joggers = running shoes

And a few more that I use a lot that I either haven’t picked up on before, or just took for granted as day to day words.

  • Heaps = as in, ‘I’m heaps tired’, ‘Thanks heaps’, ‘I’m hiding heaps of chocolate in my room’ (I wish).
  • Old mate = that person over there/someone I expect you to know who this is referring to/I kind of forget that person’s name right now…
  • Shivers = instead of a bad word


Love you guys heaps! (See what I did there?)


2 thoughts on “Aussie Translations

  1. Cat says:

    Hey gorgeous! My apologies for not writing back sooner. We are camping at Bendo. Love your “Ozzie” words Hun & I guess you wouldn’t realize you day them unless you are out if the country! I’m so proud of your obedience to God in going to Africa & we’d love to give into what you are doing! Is there a due date for you to receive funds by?
    We had 8 days straight of sunshine in Bendo so the tan has flourish. Been swimming, relaxing, reading, eating & enjoying company of friends. Nath & Alyssa came down for 4 nights as did Chris & Nat & now Rob is down. Loz is meant to come today but the weather is crap so I don’t think she will.
    Loved your photos of where you are staying. Impressed with the views & the fact that the sun sand & surf are so close! Praying for u my special. Missing having you around Lovie xoxo


    • naomimowbray says:

      My precious Cat!!
      I miss you so much (I know I say that a lot to the people back home, but I REALLY miss you!).
      That photo was taken three days after I got here – my tan is amazing now too! I think of you every time I get out in the sun 🙂
      Thank you so much for your love! It’s all a bit scary, but I kind of love working on my faith in a round-about way, Everything has to be paid for by the 7th February, and it’s probably easiest to send through the link on my homepage, or there’s another link in the post about changing my plans to Africa. Which I still think of as crazy, and can’t really believe it’s happening so soon!
      Thank you again for your support – in prayers too. I think both of us know just how much God hears your prayers, after getting me this far in life ha!
      Glad you’re having a ball in Bendalong – you deserve the huge break!! Bet you’re loving all this time with Bren too 🙂 Please pass on my love to him, and a big hug.
      So much love for you both, x


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