Another Day in Paradise


The first day of February, and my thirty-first day here.

Today we worked with Living Tree Mini5tries, planting coconut trees for the school they are building in San Pedro.
It was good to get my hands dirty hauling bricks and actually do some hard labour out under the sun.
[Well, it was mostly sun – we had a tropical rain storm for a ten minute stint (worked through it) and then the sun came back out.]


We got back just before dinner; I had a good cold shower, scrubbed my hair and face and stretched out my tired body.
Hard work feels so good!

Dinner was nachos. Brilliant.
Could this day get any better?

Saturday night here means Movie Night – tonight’s flick of choice was The Emperor’s New Groove.
A movie where the main character is a llama? Let’s all take a moment to appreciate just how absolutely fantastically glorious that is …
*Sigh*. I love llamas.
Big thanks to Jem for hooking that one up by way of repeated facebook posts.

Moving along to the point of this post …

After the movie (again – llamas are pretty rad) I stepped outside by myself and it hit me just how lucky I have it.

I took a deep breath and was struck by the beauty around me:
The salt air blowing through my hair.
The coconut trees swaying in the wind.
The sand between my toes.
The sound of the ocean lapping at the shore just metres away.
The stars that shine so intensely out here.

This place is named Destination Paradise, and for a reason.
I get to call it my home.
Yep, I live in Paradise.


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