Hello, From Belize!

So the biggest question going around… Am I feeling better since the last update?
Yes, thank goodness.
It was one of the lower points I’ve reached, and I was overly emotional, overly tired, and overly homesick.
Sorry to everyone who was worried – I’m back on track as Joyous now 🙂

So, here are a few photos of life at Destination Paradise.
I have to remember to take more!

1660318_10152172423447250_2031568610_nOur January 2014 DT5 crew.
A very cool bunch of people thrown together from all corners of the world makes for a lot of fun around here!

1487924_10151909142233603_307342549_oThe world’s newest divers – big thanks to Sam and Carlos for teaching us the ropes.

1658537_631870606869219_2113170400_oIf we’re feeling lazy and don’t want to walk 7km into town, we’ll catch a taxi.
A water taxi, that is!

1536722_10152132376305860_395529308_nKeeping the Auzzie spirit alive and kicking for Australia Day!
A shame so many people asked what ‘oh one oh one oh one’ means…  -_-

1535439_402384369907542_668859144_nStarting from me (going clockwise), we’ve got Autumn, Tim, Kristian, Chris and Lina and a bunch of empty plates after dinner.

UntitledOh yeah, I got better at the geography test!
Killing it – I can now name the countries of the world in four minutes flat.

1524152_567173756709985_607487449_oWe were spoiled with a dress up night for dinner.
[Most] boys changed to button up shirts, while the ladies did their hair, put on make-up, and got out dresses and skirts.
Apparently I am the ONLY girl here with a straightener…
Whoops! My packing priorities were a little different haha.

1618277_567174480043246_2055567196_oThe lovely ladies in my small group – Amarah, Kelcy and the charming Cass (minus Marijke and Whitney).
Is it bad to be proud of my tan here..? 😉

1511836_567176253376402_2139942493_oAnd the three beautiful, unique, quirky girls who help make Casita 15 our home.
Autumn, Lina, and Cassy.

It’s now the 1st of February, so I have just under two months left in this part of the world (for now).
Here’s to a lot more photos, many more smiles, and finding new adventures on this island we currently call home.

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