Life Just Gets Better

Wow, I can’t believe I wrote this and never put it public for you all to read!
I’m so sorry for holding out; I didn’t even realise.
Here it is anyway – this post was from the 16th February, just over a month ago.
Plenty has happened/changed since then, but I still want to share a peek back into last month with you all . . . 

The past three days have been the best I have had here, I believe. In short, I got a surprise Valentine’s Day love letter, I went zip-lining through the Belizean jungle, I ate a termite (they taste like mint), I did a cartwheel over the top of an ancient Mayan t3mple, and I saw the sun rise and set on the same day.

To start with, I’d better back up to last week – it was called ‘Rest, Renew, Restore’. In other words, instead of having lectures each day and a chapter of the B1ble to memorise (have I mentioned yet that we do that every week..?), we got to play games, sleep in EVERY day, have waffles for breakfast, and compete in our very own YW4M Olympics. It was a much needed respite from all the bookwork, and so good to be able to laugh and run around and bond together as a team in a more relaxed environment. Plus, we all know how much I love my sleep!

But even with all the privileges and treats we got, my highlight would have to have been talking to my Mum and Dad for over an hour on Tuesday night. I have to be honest – last time I spoke to them on the phone was the 1st January, so it was way overdue. I think that time was building up and building up and so I was getting more and more nervous to talk to them, thinking that I’d be a blubbering mess when I eventually did.

20140216-171352.jpg12730_414815458664433_973439270_n20140216-171529.jpg1932540_10153782055380134_943993078_o1508161_414818211997491_613816869_n 1920373_414818571997455_939710339_n1932489_10152223884912250_2128547659_n20140216-171542.jpg20140216-171614.jpg20140216-171622.jpg20140216-171814.jpg20140216-171807.jpg20140216-171821.jpg1654463_414827838663195_1510405952_n1780760_10152181304880860_1442161610_n

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