So Why Africa?

So, I officially have six sleeps left in Belize.
I’m super sad to be leaving so soon. In reality though, I have been living here for almost three months – where on earth did that time go?

So I promised Alyssa Stewart a long time ago that I would write about why my plans suddenly changed from an outre4ch in Central America all the way to Morocco, Africa, and it’s about time I finally came through on that promise.

Well, the short of it is, Dad told me to.

Bear with me – if you are not from my chrch (or a Chr1sti4an), and don’t believe/understand that Dad talks to me, then just go along with the assumption that I’m crazy. I don’t really mind; whatever floats your boat 😉 For all those others, yes, I’m happy to say that Dad and I are pretty tight and we have conversations constantly throughout every day.

Anyways, back to that fateful day of Week Two…
We were all sat down in our lecture room and told that we were about to have a quick run through about our two options (regional/international) and that we would have FIVE MINUTES to pr4y and make our decision on where we felt Dad wanted us to go.
Right from the get go, I sat there and was solid that I was going to go for regional. I was planning on staying in Central America, and then travel to South America afterward for a couple months of adventure with Tom Morris/Beth Edmunds/myself.

Annnnd then our options came up, and I fought with Dad.

Morocco was the first one. To be honest, I didn’t even pay attention because I was so adamant that I was staying in Central America.
Besides, it cost $4,950 and I had only banked on $2,500!!
Then, the second option was Guyana & French Guiana. It still cost $3,950, and it was based on youth and ev4ngeli5m (neither of which are my strong points).

Zoe, our school leader (and an AMAZING woman I am so ble55ed to call my friend!), said we’ve got five minutes to pr4y and left the room.

Basically, the Guyana/French Guiana trip didn’t interest me at all, and it was almost just as expensive as Africa.
The Morocco outreach was based on pr4yer and relationships, and would be a whole lot more ‘spir1tu4lly intense’, if you will. It sounded exactly like something I’d jump for!

My arguments to Dad were:

  • Um, excuse me, but I did NOT plan on having to pay this much! Where am I going to find money for either of these trips, but ESPECIALLY the Morocco one?
  • I had plans for afterwards already sorted! OK, kind of sorted… Morris was going to meet me in Peru or somewhere basically straight after outre4ch, and we were going to adventure for a bit, then I’d maybe visit Juan in Columbia, and hike around Peru for a couple months. What the heck will I do in MOROCCO?

His answers to me were:

  • Naomi, I have brought you this far, and I will get you to where you need to be. You were planning on selling your car before anyway – you can still do that, remember?
  • *Knowing smile* Your plans sound nice. I promise you though, that my plans are better.
  • Trust me, and come across the world with me.

At this point, I was shaking and crying because although it all made sense, I wasn’t happy about getting my plans completely turned upside down, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to live with myself in going directly against what Dad was telling me to do.
Plus, I guess, He probably could help me out with paying for it. And seeing as He made this awesome world (and me), yeah, He probably knows how to lead me on a grand adventure and show me some fun.

So then I scrawled Morocco on the piece of paper and handed it in, and sealed my fate.

And now here I am, just having completed my last day of lectures, about to have a Graduation Night, not entirely ready to pack my bag and say goodbye to Paradise to head to Africa to tell the world about my Je5u5.

There you go, Lyss. Not exactly as quickly as I had told you, but you’ve finally heard the story of Why Africa.

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