Drawing to a Close

Today marks the end of my last full day in San Pedro, Belize.

As much as leaving tomorrow to embark on this crazy adventure is pretty awesome, it also means I’ll have to say goodbye to a lot of amazing people.

I want to thank each and every staff member at YW4M Destination Paradise for dedicating this time of their lives to bettering mine.
And I want to thank the people that have taken each of these steps by my side; the twenty one others who decided to follow Dad’s calling and in doing so, became my family along the way.

This has been an insane ride, and I have found such please and joy in getting to know Je5u5 better, learning to understand and love myself more, and create such deep friendships along the way.

Here’s to the next chapter!

1016418_10152181380070860_2065613996_n   1501452_289918614488576_858959207_o

1618511_10152181303790860_1343371090_n 1900057_10152187033950860_131138026_n

1920274_10152181379745860_713823532_n   DSCN0418

1669678_10152181303280860_1328375732_o   1612918_800087196684611_840092804_o

1014702_10152181302105860_2084037721_o   1796515_10152181302915860_1937072205_n

1796427_10151912262250658_2095889974_n   1656212_10152181369780860_1632432462_n

1962736_10152021554299024_1874396588_n   1779334_755018444516902_1102531940_n

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES   10001451_10151947740610658_230041365_n

1015040_10152032273188129_1562662742_o   1958995_653803861342560_2050267921_o

1549320_10152088610198541_1491325386_n   1502217_789576277735703_46083953_o

1012282_825204054172925_1077023620_n   1904206_10151947844580658_709803369_n

1962878_10151947762980658_528000474_n   1486766_10151947789910658_1400568023_n

1544500_653688334687446_1568607641_n   1781884_10151947766480658_925185_n


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