Going Down, Down, Down, Down

Spain is lovely! Shame we have to say goodbye so early, but I am looking forward to the next leg of this wild ride.

We have just spent a week outside of Malaga in a gorgeous villa (with hot water, yew!). We’ve been debriefed, learnt some Arabic basics, sent out on a ‘scavenger hunt’ to talk to locals and explore, and gone shopping to stock up on long skirts and floaty cardigans to semi-match in with the locals.
We know that they don’t expect Westerners to dress so modestly, but that’s all the more reason for us to do so – we want to set a good example right from the get go and gain their respect and eventually, friendship.

I love learning Arabic. It’s not the prettiest language, but it’s still super cool to be able to speak some haha! Looking forward to getting the hang of it more as we live there and using it in future in random settings.

So, sad news.. Also have to shut down my Facebook :/
I think it will be a nice change, but will still miss the quick messages I can send back and forth and see what’s happening in lives back home, in Guyana, and around the world. Oh well, two months isn’t that bad.
Please do make sure you stay in touch! I’ll love hearing updates on life elsewhere, and feel free to let me know any interesting world news (apparently Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie decided to have another baby while I was in Belize?!). My new email is:
Again, please be careful with your wording and just substitute numbers here and there if you aren’t sure.

One pr4yer request I do have is for an iPhone. Mine was stolen back in Belize, and I thought I could get one pretty cheap but it’s actually $900AUD. Spewing!!
I know it’s not the most major issue, but it was my camera, music, alarm clock, calculator, calendar… We all know how handy those little gadgets are, and I’m pretty upset that I don’t have one anymore.

Other pr4yers that would be very appreciated are for safety, that the trip goes smoothly and stress-free, open hearts/minds, that we are able to mini5ter to people, and favour upon each of the 14 of us.
It’s no secret that we will heavy some heavy opposition, so we want to be as prepared and ready as possible.
And if you’re not the 8elieving type, just think some good thoughts and send them towards Morocco for me 😉

We’re currently on a bus traveling down towards Algeciras. Buses here are so cool! They are super roomy, have plugs for all your electronics (shame about that iPhone!), free wifi… The perks of first world are great!
Tonight will be spent in south Spain, tomorrow we will get on a ferry, and finally step foot in Morocco!!
The plan is to stay in Tangier for a couple weeks, and then go from there.

I’ll keep you updated.
Much love.





3 thoughts on “Going Down, Down, Down, Down

    • naomimowbray says:

      Hahaha Lizzy, no aldi phones, no.
      Thank you for your thoughts and message – you are such a light to me!!
      Thank you for your encouragement, it was such a brilliant booster to my day and I love hearing from you 🙂
      I’ll be back in no time to carve up V Room again with you, don’t worry 😉 x


  1. bronty says:

    Long floaty skirts & cardigans huh?! Pretty much what Craig was trying to make you buy in the US!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Enjoy your journey babe & take care
    Love you loads


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