Tuesday Afternoon

Life has been pretty busy on this end.. We had to move places over the weekend, with a day's notice. Even though the new apartment is only twenty minutes away from our first hostel here, moving fourteen people into two new places on Ea5ter Sunday, complete with a sunrise service, Sunday Ea5ter Chrch service and … Continue reading Tuesday Afternoon

Two quick snaps of life in Tangier: Cafes line the main streets - this is a sneaky shot I got to try and give an idea of what it feels like walking past these rows and rows of men every day! The bakeries are bizarre, in that they have bees that live there - the bees … Continue reading

Safe and Sound

Hey there. About time I checked in huh!We got here fine - actually, better than fine. We had a ROYAL welcome!!! Crossed the border, piled 14 of us into three taxis for an hour and half drive, and along the way, there were Moroccan flags everywhere and police at basically EVERY intersection. We started seeing cars … Continue reading Safe and Sound