Safe and Sound

Hey there. 

About time I checked in huh!

We got here fine – actually, better than fine.
We had a ROYAL welcome!!! Crossed the border, piled 14 of us into three taxis for an hour and half drive, and along the way, there were Moroccan flags everywhere and police at basically EVERY intersection.
We started seeing cars with all these flashing lights going the other way, and people were lined up on the streets, and our driver explained that the King was driving through – yep, we saw the King of Morocco on our first day in the country. Pretty happy haha.

Spent a couple days getting our bearings, and we’ve started volunteering at the local orphanage. It’s fair intense being around all these little babies who don’t have anyone, and I’ve found that it’s more heart wrenching than uplifting being in that environment.

Today in particular, I’m feeling weighed down and just heavy.
Maybe I’m still settling in, maybe it’s seeing so many children who are alone in the world, maybe it’s hormones or even homesickness, but today I’m a little flat.

Miss you guys.

4 thoughts on “Safe and Sound

  1. bronty says:

    So glad to read your update & to know that you’ve arrived safe & sound! How funny that the King arrived on the same day as you!
    Honey, try not to let your heart be heavy – you will be a light in these kids lives & you will make a difference! A huge difference to them & you will do it without even knowing it. You are amazing!
    Love you so very much.
    Kazz & boys xxx


    • naomimowbray says:

      Love you guys too.
      Yesterday was a funky day for a few of us around here – not sure what was going on, but we all seem to have snapped out of it today so that’s good!!
      This morning was better as well; I spent the whole morning just holding one little boy who is blind, tickling his feet and making sounds and laughing with him. He is such a cutie, it’s frustrating that we can’t take photos to show everyone!
      I had your last Tim Tam today with a coffee. Soooo good!!
      Love you guys too. Xx


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