Coffee or Tea, Gentlemen?

As most people reading this haven’t been to Morocco, here’s something I found surprising/interesting about life here:

The cafés are for men only. Basically all of them have this ‘No Girls Allowed’ rule.
We’re super SUPER lucky to have our apartment right next to one of the cafés that does let girls in – because there are only three in this city (but don’t quote me on that; there could always be a few more hiding around).

It’s kind of bizarre, having all the men lined up at their tables along the street, just sitting and watching the world pass them by.
Funny how they don’t let females in, and yet spend their days staring us down from behind their mint teas.
I know it’s a culture thing, but it still seems twisted to me.

I’m glad that I came here under the circumstances I did.
If I had just decided to venture down to Morocco on my own, without the debriefs and preparation and long skirts, it’s fair to say I would have had a huge rude awakening waiting for me.

I’ll have to take a photo on the sly so you can see what I’m talking about.
Stay tuned.

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