Tuesday Afternoon

Life has been pretty busy on this end..

We had to move places over the weekend, with a day’s notice. Even though the new apartment is only twenty minutes away from our first hostel here, moving fourteen people into two new places on Ea5ter Sunday, complete with a sunrise service, Sunday Ea5ter Chrch service and a group lunch, is a bit of a feat. Hats off to Zoe and Will for orchestrating it all so well!

Our new place is pretty snazzy. It DOES have a washing machine and an oven (trust me, it makes making meals for 14 so much easier!!), but it does NOT have wifi.

Yes, yes, wifi is a luxury that I didn’t even expect to have much of at all. But we’ve been spoilt so far… Which means that now that we have to walk twenty minutes to a cafe down the road (in groups of three or more, as always), replying to emails and updating this gets a lot harder. I’ll do my best though.

I was planning on writing a post about our first few days in Agadir – see photos below. Buuuut as I said, life got busy and I just never got around to it. Sorry!

In a nutshell, we lived right next to a free to the public zoo complete with llamas, mountain goats, a monkey and various Aussie birds. Also, they had wallabies – I found out the hard way that it is virtually impossible to explain to anyone who is not Australian that they are NOT kangaroos. Apparently, a hard concept to wrap your head around. Learning new things every day still 😉

Ok I’ve got to go already! To those I still need to respond to via email, I promise I’ll do that as soon as I can.

And to those who have forgotten, my email is beingjoyous@outlook.com. Say hi anytime!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon

  1. bronty says:

    Long time between updates gorgeous girl! What you been up to?! Hope all is going well.
    Miss you, love you loads
    Kazz, Craig & boys xxxxxxxooopooo


    • naomimowbray says:

      Yes, it has been a while – I wrote out a couple but they never got finished; I should have just kept them short and posted something haha, sorry! All is well, just busy is all. Love you guys loads. xx


  2. Kay says:

    Hey Beautiful, Looks like you are embracing the moments and experiences. Good on you. Thanks for the lovely pictures – so vibrant the colours. Did you actually really EAT that snail??? Really??? Oh boy, you sure have an adventurous spirit!! I couldn’t do it. Well done!

    It’s lovely to hear from you, but don’t stress, whenever you can is fine.
    Keep smiling, vigilant, happy. We love you!

    Mum & Dad & Girls


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