NotSoGenius Joy

I started off today pretty proud of myself.
Let’s be honest – I spent just about ALL of today being proud of myself.

My first day alone for the year.
I had booked my travel arrangements and hostel weeks in advance, I had packed muesli, frozen yogurt, apples, chocolate, my favourite mug and a few tea bags for my day of travel so I wouldn’t have to fork out at the airport.

I had already had 12.5 hours of travel – 7.5 of which were waiting for planes, and 3.5 of THOSE hours were delays. I had caught a train, a plane, another plane, and a bus – just had one measly tram left.

Theeeeen I jumped on a tram without checking the direction.
I had a bad feeling, but it still took me a good ten stops or so till I asked the girl opposite me what direction we were travelling in.
It’s just harder than I thought (but also not really) to read Czech tram stops!

It didn’t phase me too much – just meant that I started sight seeing a little earlier than planned.

So I got off, and jumped on a train heading back to where I came from.
At least that was the plan.
Turns out I didn’t actually do that. I had caught a different tram; one heading out perpendicular from where I wanted to go.

So I got off again, found a subway station, went back to square one and did it all again. This time, however, I made sure I went in the right direction.

And now I’m here 🙂

This hostel is absolutely amazing.
I’ll have to let you know some highlights soon, but for now I should really go and try socialise with the girls in my room.

Actually, first, on that note…

Weirdest thing ever.
I walked into the room, (got stuck on the top of a triple bunk bed, but two girls are leaving tomorrow so I already shottyed the bottom bunk when they leave), and we were talking about their ‘long trips’, how having a few different currencies in their wallets was frustrating etc etc.

I didn’t feel all that well travelled, until I got to a hostel, and my trip is already three times longer than theirs, with 2.5 months to go, and instead of two or three different currencies, I have six.

I’m not in any way prideful or looking down on anyone or any of that nonsense – I had just not realised how fine I would be on my own.

And you’ll never guess how well Dad (I like calling God that still, even if I don’t have to anymore!) set it up here – my room is called Angel, and whilst I was setting up in reception, there was a group of around eight people reading their Bibles in the lobby.
Turns out they’ve just graduated from Bible school and are celebrating/travelling/studying the Word a little more, till Wednesday.
They’ve invited me to join them if I ever want, and I think I will.
Nice intro to Prague!!

Before I go, here is a picture of travelling on a bus.
Granted, you can’t see me, but you might be able to spot out half of the Morocco team if you look closely/know who to look for 😉


3 thoughts on “NotSoGenius Joy

  1. Kay says:

    You are so like me it’s not funny!!! You make me laugh. Glad you didn’t panic and eventually got to where you needed to be. Love you!


  2. bronty says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Only you could catch not one, but TWO, wrong trains Joy!!
    Glad you got there in the end xx
    Have fun!
    Love you loads !


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