My Divine Coordinator

So, as I mentioned earlier, when I rocked up to this hostel there was a group reading their Bibles in the lobby area.
They were absolutely lovely, and I ended up sitting in on a few of their meetings/over breakfast, and making friends.

Then I met a beautiful couple from Chermside (QLD, Australia for all those who don’t know), and had a great time getting to know them too.
Last night we started off just cooking dinner together, and then it turned into five hours of talking and laughing and getting to share a bit of our lives together. I had a brilliant night – and really don’t know where the time went! We just seemed to be able to talk and talk without any of those awkward silences or pauses.

Making friends is so easy!
I think I like travelling alone, because it means I can do exactly whatever I feel like, meet up with randoms for a meal, sleep in till midday (guilty), cook my favourite meals, go and play my ukulele in a park for however long I want (a few hours)…

This morning cemented that even more, and just reminded me how cool God is to orchestrate stuff sometimes!

I was cooking brekky (mushrooms with pretty much a whole bulb of garlic, grilled tomatoes and toast – having a kitchen is the best), and heard Oceans by Hillsong playing real faintly somewhere. So faint that I just assumed I was singing it in my head or something.
I ate breakfast with the Bible School group and said goodbye to them, as they went home shortly afterwards, and then heard the song again while I was washing my dishes.

Intrigued at why I was listening to an Australian Christian song that I sing with my Mum and church back home, in the pub/kitchen area of a Czech hostel, I went and asked and bartender if she knew where the music was coming from.
Turns out, she’s a Christian from Croatia who likes to listen to Hillsong and plays it when she’s working.

We got to talking, and she gave me details about a young international church under 10min walk away that I’ll hit up on Sunday – they even speak English, cheering!
She seemed pretty surprised that I came to Prague on my own, and asked if I would like to have coffee/lunch with her sometime. So tomorrow, she’s going to show me around the castle and we have a lunch date.
We kept chatting, and now I’m also going to join her for dinner with a group of young people from her church.

I was a little disappointed that my Brissy friends and the Bible School peeps all left today, and now I’m going to a life group for dinner, have a personal tour guide and lunch date tomorrow, and have church set up on Sunday.

I couldn’t have set things up better on my own – Dad sure looks after us hey!Image

The first official bonding session with my new best friend/ukulele.
Still trying to decide on a name – I’m open to suggestions!
(Just so we’re clear – I think it’s a ‘he’).


Um, sure, we’ve all heard of chocolate covered peanuts, almonds, sultanas (although who on earth would waste chocolate on a sultana?!)… Anyways, here they have chocolate covered CASHEWS! They are incredible!

Sorry Mum, there’s no way these’ll last till I get back…


Although my camera is pretty good, it does not come close to capturing how incredible the views are from Petřín Hill!
I’m heading back there again today because it was so pretty, so I’ll try to get a better angle/vantage point/picture in general.


11 thoughts on “My Divine Coordinator

    • Naomi Joy says:

      Thank you!
      I love sharing my stories with people, and trying to give everyone else a little insight into my adventures.

      I can’t believe you’ve travelled to so many places!
      What has been your favourite?


      • deannasallao says:

        Hey there! My favorite one is Koh Samui Island in Thailand. It was a piece of heaven! How about yours? Btw, if ever you come across the Philippines, shoot me an email i would be glad to give you a tour! Cheers!


  1. Kay says:

    Glad you are having a great time. Remember Grandma said that friends are people you just haven’t met yet. So… go, enjoy, share, smile, be happy. Love you.


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