Back From The Dead

It sure feels like I am!

I know I had said that I’d finish my post about that great day when I arrived in Tangier, but instead, I got sick. Super sick.

My belly was feeling funky when we were in Chefchaouen, about to get on the bus to come to Tangier so I had a yogurt and it settled.
Then, when we got here I started to get feverish and achy and within maybe an hour of being at the hostel here I was bedridden (except for when I had to make a mad dash to the toilet), had a migraine, fever, aches everywhere… It was pretty bad.
I had a terrible night’s sleep, but felt a little better in the morning, so went out to the local church to get some fellowship in.

It was SO GOOD to be back at church!
I felt like I had come home after being in the dark for way too long.
I honestly can’t put into words how good it was; how refreshing, uplifting, life giving it was to be surrounded by like minded people, and to get to sing and worship together.
I guess I hadn’t realised the extent I had missed it until I got there!

Anyway, my weird sickness thing kicked in towards the end.

I was having a chat with one of the guys I had met on our way through back in March, and had to excuse myself to go be sick. So charming hey!
I got back to the hostel, and just stayed in bed the rest of the day wanting to die/thinking I was already halfway there.

Then one of the Jacks rocked up, and gave me some miracle medicine that snapped me out of it within half an hour and it’s now the next day and I’m still doing good.
Not sure if it was something I ate (although Tom has been eating all the same stuff and he was fine?), or if it was just stress induced (stress levels have been through the roof regarding money – although God provided last night!), or just a random bug that has been going around… At least I’m doing good now though! 🙂

Yeah, so sorry I never finished that other story.

Basically, we spent the day walking along a river that led to a natural rock formation called God’s Bridge, we went swimming in near freezing water, dove under a waterfall, then had an incredible feast for dinner on a rooftop and watched the sunset.
It was super sweet!

Today, we’re basically killing time till we get on a night train to Marrakech.
The plan is a couple nights there, then a desert trip (complete with camel ride, sleeping under the stars in the Sahara, etc) and before I know it I’ll be jetting off to see the beautiful Zoe!
Tom is going on a walking tour, and I’m about to head down to the local cafe that we frequented at least twice a day throughout our two week stint here in Tangier way back in March/April. I’m interested to see if they remember me!


This photo was taken two months ago (nearly to the day!) out the front of the Medina in Tangier.
It’s a little bittersweet being back here in the same place, without my family around me.

Miss you guys like crazy, and I count myself super blessed to have had the chance to live with you and have so much time doing life together!

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