Seriously – You, Again?!

I know I’ve mentioned Joffery, ‘some Aussies we met in Fez’, and a few different places I’ve travelled through during my three weeks in Morocco.
However, I don’t think that I have fully explained the tie between those three things… (This is the ‘quick run down’).DSCF0294

Let me start with Marrakech: we met two Australian chicks in our hostel who left a day after we got in, to go on a desert excursion trip.
Tommy and I chilled for a few days there, then went to Fez.

We walked into the hostel at Fez and were talking to the guy at reception when some girls hollered down at us (yes, I know ‘hollered’ is pretty American… just go with it) from the second level – it was the very same Australians!

It was on the terrace of this hostel when I first saw ‘Joffery’.
When Jack (who was still Joffery to me at that point), walked out and asked about where to hang his laundry, I just about flipped out. If it wasn’t for Tom giving me a stern talking to quicksmart I would have asked for a photo on sight, gushed about how much I love Game of Thrones and totally NOT been cool.
But thanks to my travel buddy Tom, I DID play it cool (at least I think I did).We had a great night sharing tea and swapping stories, and instead of staying star struck, we slowly got to know the Irish boys (there are three Jacks and one Rory), the Americans Max and Falon, and Aussies Andy, Liv, El and George as people and friends.

DSCF0331Sadly, I said goodbye without asking for a photo.
I was kicking myself, but Tom congratulated me and reminded me that Jack was a person and not just a celeb.

Next stop was Chefchaouen, the gorgeous ‘Blue City’.
The Irish boys had different plans – one of the Jacks was leaving earlier than the others, so he went to Chef a few hours after we did.
Our second day walking through the square, and we ran into Jack having lunch with the Fez Australians!
We joined them, and laughed about how none of us ever asked Jack for a photo.
There was a lovely Canadian girl with them, and we decided we’d spend the next day all together at the waterfall (hence the post about the best day and whatnot).

The night of the waterfall day we splurged and went out to dinner – it was amazing!!
Anyway, walking through the square after dinner, we ran in to none other thannnnn…
Max, Falon, Jack, Jack and Rory!
I got my photo, and the boys agreed to breakfast the next morning despite my excitedness.

After brekky with the boys Tom and I headed to Tangier.
This is where I got sick and went AWOL for 24 hours.
On one of my trips between the bathroom and my bed two girls moved in to the dorm room.
Yep; Max and Falon were here too!
And then it was a mere couple of hours before Jack stuck his head in the door – I swear, none of us had even TALKED about all these hostels, and we just kept going to the same places at the same times!
The other Jack and Rory rocked up that night. As did two more Australians that were in the hostel in Chefchaouen. It was getting a bit crazy.

Tom and I only had two nights in Tangier, and then came back to Marrakech for our last week in Morocco.
We decided to take it easy for a day, do a Sahara Desert trip and then I was flying out at the end of the week, so we were both happy to chill out.
The day after our night train we were having breakfast, and I was musing about how it was a little sad being here and not seeing anyone again, after going through three cities ‘together’. I felt like this Morocco trip was more an international group of us who were doing a big tour together and that it was sad to have to say goodbye.
Like I said: we were chilling, having a lazy day. On the roof of the Marrakech hostel, I was lazily playing on the uke and Tom was having a smoke, and a familiar head popped up from the stairs – RORY!
I deadset squealed haha!
Apparently Jack (Joffery Jack, as the second Jack had flown out from Tangier) and Rory had caught the next night train down and just happened to have the same taste in hostels that we did.
I mean seriously – I know Chefchaouen is tiny, Tangier isn’t that much bigger, but Marrakech? This is tourist central! The chances of seeing them here is so minute it is crazy.
It was actually pretty cool to know these boys – I was in the kitchen making dinner for the four of us (they did the washing up), and I could hear a group of girls going mental when they realised that JOFFERY was up on the roof! I got more satisfaction than I probably should have, knowing that thanks to playing it cool and a whole lot of coincidence I’m kind of on the other side now, and can call them friends instead of a movie star and his sidekick.

I know they say that the world is a small place, but I think I’m only just realising to what extent it really is!

Don’t want to bore you too much more for now…
So the official update is that I had a crazy story about my flights (but all is good), had a cool trip to the desert, met my Moroccan llama and am flying out to Zoe tomorrow.
I’ll save this week’s stories for another post; I still need to have a shower, have dinner, and confirm that I’m actually sleeping here tonight (it’s only 9:26PM, so plenty of time to find somewhere else if need be, right?).


Please bear with any spelling mistakes in this one – I was preoccupied talking to Mum and Dad and Cass and sometimes Moroccan keyboards still get the better of me.

2 thoughts on “Seriously – You, Again?!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like you’re having a blast!!! I loved it when that happened to me too!!! It’s so wonderful seeing the same faces in a different setting – makes it so special! Love you. X


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