Experiencing Heaven on My Last Night

Today’s post is a little different.
It was written two nights ago on my last night in Morocco. I had to use my ereader, because it was too dark to use a pen and journal, and I didn’t have wifi to post it straight away; hence the later publishing date.

Welcome to my world…

I’m lying on a mattress on the roof here in Marrakech, using my sleeping bag for the first time in months.

I can hear the drums of street performers out in the square, with shouts and clapping rising up every now and again.
The crickets are incessant, but just a dull buzz in the background. Sparrows chirp too, but are getting fewer and further between.
Motorbikes and scooters can be heard zooming through the matrix of alleyways, and I feel like they only serve to add to the atmosphere, rather than detract from it.
These are the sounds of nighttime Morocco, and I will miss them.

The sky – which is why I’m writing – is simply gorgeous.
I would say ‘breathtaking’, but I feel that term is too cliche for this moment.

It is still, peaceful; the clouds are ever so slowly rolling past, hiding the moon for a minute or so at a time, but never long.
The clouds are tinted pink, thanks to the city lights that give a warm glow on the horizon in every which way I turn my head. It’s a soft contrast against the dark grey of the sky behind.

And the stars…
Well, to be truthful there aren’t many of them that I can see – I guess because the city lights reflect just a little too strongly.
But the ones that I can see are phenomenal. They have to be some of the brightest stars I have ever seen.
A word that just came to mind that fits is 
‘heavenly’; the stars are little pinpricks into the brilliant glory shining just on the other side of the big canvas we call sky.

A picture is worth a thousand words, yes, but somehow I feel like looking at this through a lens (and consequently, for everyone reading this, from a computer screen) would only serve to detract from the wonder I’m taking in.

I’m absolutely blessed to be here, because it’s totally against the rules – the hostel locks off the terrace every night, and people aren’t allowed up here past 11PM.
However, speaking Arabic comes with its perks (as does being a girl, I guess!), and I was given special privileges to sleep up here under the stars. It’s a first for the hostel; no one has ever slept on the roof here, so I feel all the more lucky.

Could there be a better way to end my time in this incredible country, than spending my last night staring up into the heavens?

I think not.

Now, I know I said I wasn’t actually going to put a picture up (and I didn’t take one!), but I thought it would be a good idea to try and find something that captures what I was seeing, and this is pretty dang close!
This actual photo was taken just two streets away from the building where I slept, and I could see the mosque from where I was lying.
Photo Courtesy of http://blog.travel-exploration.com/category/travel-to-morocco-for-luxury-travel/

4 thoughts on “Experiencing Heaven on My Last Night

  1. Alyssa Stewart says:

    Love it! That sounds like the best way to end your time there! 🙂 I love lying down and satring at the stars….so excited to see you soon!!!!! 1 month! Ahhhhhhhhhhh


    • Naomi Joy says:

      A bit over one month (it’s actually closer to two) – I get home on the 7th August.
      Bit weird thinking that I’ll have to try and settle down when I get home though…
      I’ve been bitten by the travel bug (and like it!).
      Miss you too cutie. x


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