I Double Dare You!

Are you reading this on a computer at a job that you’re only in to pay the bills? Or on your phone, whilst commuting to work that is monotonous and not making you happy?
Maybe you are ‘fine’, just drifting along with life, as it is so easy to do…

You gotta get out, hey.

Go see the world! Explore! Adventure!

I never thought that I would spend Christmas Eve watching snow fall in Times Square with my cousins.
Who knew I would pick up a tarantula from a Caribbean beach, go zip-lining through the Belizean jungle, or be able to pick out all the countries in the world in under 4 minutes.
It hadn’t occurred to me that I would one day learn to speak Moroccan Arabic, eat a boiled snail from a roadside vendor, or that I would dedicate five months of my life just to know Jesus better.

I especially never realised that within a 72 hour period, I would:

  • Have breakfast made for me by my main girl Zoe in Jersey
  • Visit Buckingham Palace with Tess (2508 represent!)
  • Eat nachos for dinner in Spain
  • Crash in a corner of an airport
  • Rock up to a night in a private room in Cancun Marriott (Mexico)
  • Visit a friend in Texas
  • End up in Aspen, Colorado

… Meanwhile, I’m 2/3 of the way through that list right there.

I keep saying it, but life really is pretty phenomenal.

As usual, I miss friends, family, Jack the puppy.

But overall, I can’t imagine a better way to spend my life!!

I might just have to take up this whole ‘travel’ thing as a way of life.
Ohh yeah – being a gypsy sounds like fun!

So back to my original point:

If you’re in the ‘daily grind’ – GET OUT.

Buy a plane ticket, book a trip, go and do something.
Just start.
I dare you!

2 thoughts on “I Double Dare You!

  1. bronty says:

    You are amazing, inspirational, courageous, beautiful & vivacious Joy!
    I am sooooo proud to know you, learn from you and love you, so very much xxx


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