“Do You Wear Make-Up?”


Zoe: possibly the best woman I know after my Mum.

That was the first question my cousin Lexi asked when I got off the plane in Aspen, Colorado, US.
“No, not usually. Maybe some mascara sometimes, but not really much…”
“Huh. Well, you look beautiful enough without it so you don’t really need it I guess!”

I knew that staying with my family would be brilliant haha!

My trip travelling from the UK to here wasn’t exactly how I imagined.

A public computer in Malaga Airport ate my SD card, with all my photographic evidence that I had visited Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and those other London attractions (not too worried about the pictures from Prague, Morocco and in between, because I got to upload a few of them on here already).
So that was a downer.
But then the technician who came to retrieve it was able to mail it to our YWAM contacts in Spain, and they should be mailing it home for me any day now – so provided it doesn’t get lost in the mail, I’ll get that back eventually.

Then on my flight from Madrid – Cancun, I had a window/aisle row to myself, at the back of the plane.
I made friends with the air hostess, and she gave me extra dinner and I made her one of those cotton thread bracelets.
I love making friends in random places!

Like I mentioned in my last post, the room I got for my overnight stay in Cancun was ah-mazing. The whole hotel was!
I only had four hours sleep, but they were four of the most blissful, restful hours of sleep I had had in a long time.

My Texan friend Kyle, who I thought I was hanging out with during my eight hour layover got caught up with family commitments and wasn’t able to see me as planned.
Another downer.
BUT, it worked out in the end – as I went through Customs, I was ushered straight through to the terminal, so I wouldn’t have been able to leave the airport easily anyway.10407795_10152446480015860_6087748337324573773_n
And then it got better! While in line for the security check, I got to talking with the lady in line behind me. She was lovely, and ended up inviting me as her guest into the Crown Lounge for the day. She only had an hour+half there, but said that I was more than welcome to join her and then hang out until my flight there.
Have you ever been in an airport lounge? They are incredible! (At least, this one was). Everything was ‘complimentary’ – my breakfast, bottomless coffee, fruit, alcohol, chocolate, my lunch, wifi, computers, TV… It was sooooo nice, and SUCH a difference from my travel arrangements before that! 😉

There are always ups and downs hey.
Just gotta hang in there when the downs are happening!10478157_10152447757775860_7419410875000968009_n

My time in Aspen has been a lot of ups (and a few sibling tantrums that test my patience…).

My birthday was spent shooting ground squirrels on my uncle’s property (I got three, Charlie got three!), riding a bike ~37km through the mountains, skyping my Dad and Nanna, and being totally spoilt with an incredible Spanish dinner, my first ever martini and tiramisu birthday cake.

Yesterday I tagged along with Lexi to a kids camp put on by Uncle Warwick’s fishing shop, and I learnt how to fly fish!
Pretty proud of myself – I caught the most fish for the day, with eight rainbow trout.

Not really sure what the rest of the week has in store.10354731_10152451550860860_2935532802014097385_n
It’s been so nice just chilling out with the kids, and having some RnR.
Life is pretty relaxed up here, and it’s definitely a change of pace from the personal growth I went through in Belize, the lifestyle of living with fourteen people 24/7, the craziness of Morocco, the touristy Prague… It’s a welcome change. But I do miss my family (both at home, and the new YWAM fam).

I’ll keep you updated 🙂

One thought on ““Do You Wear Make-Up?”

  1. Kay says:

    Sounds like you are lapping up life wherever you go! Good on you! You’re birthday sounds like it was a really special one. What a special family you have, wherever you go! Blessed (to be a blessing)! Love and miss you too!


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