Sorry I Didn’t Tell You Earlier … SURPRISE – I’m in Canada!

Less than two weeks since my last post and so much has gone on!
I always forget how quickly time flies past, and keep putting off updating this and then before I know it I have to write half an essay just to catch up. You’d think I would have learned by now that it’s better to just keep up to date, but living in the moment is just too enticing.1891223_10152237985515860_1009194337_n

Aspen was brilliant! If you’ve seen my instagram pictures, you’ll know that I went shooting again and got another 25 squirrels – to clarify, they aren’t the super cute ones that I was fawning over at the beginning of the trip; they are more like moles or rats, so I don’t feel so bad!
I learnt how to drive a backhoe, which is pretty much a big tractor type machine and a LOT of fun!
I went for a visit to the country club with my Aunty Robyn and the kids, hiked through the mountains and did some more fishing/swimming on the lake as well.

Anyhow, I am now in Canada (and have been for a week… Whoops – should have let you know sooner hey!).

Now, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier that I was headed this far north, but I couldn’t, because I had set up the surprise for Cassidy Bergen back in MARCH!

I had known pretty soon after I met Cass that I would love her, and started organising a surprise trip to Canada way back in March with her beautiful Mum, Sheila.
We managed to work out details while I was in Belize, Morocco, Spain, Prague and London – sorting out what time I would fly in, where she’d pick me up, and how we would arrange the meet to surprise Cassidy, and it was so much fun!

I know most of the YWAM family knew that I was coming up to Canada, and three of the girls even came and visited Cass before I did, so for over three months I basically held my breath every time I talked to Cass, hoping she wouldn’t figure out that I was flying up to see her (lucky for me, she didn’t!).

When Sheila picked me up on the 3rd July, she had arranged for Greg (Cass’s Dad) to take Cass for a walk with the dog, and I would casually walk across a bridge at the same time and we’d meet in the middle.
Driving to the bridge was so exciting! We had Greg on the phone, telling us that he’d have to stall for a while because we had been stuck in traffic, and so he took Cass for a few extra errands at the bank/in town.
I honestly felt like I was a part of a TV show, with us pulling all these strings with different family members and making sure our timing on the bridge would be perfect.10543090_10203435705807653_371676548_n

It was!

Sheila and I waited on one end of the bridge, and Cass walked over the other with her Dad and little sister Madi. She was so funny as I walked toward her – Cass was kind of behind Greg, but kept poking her head around him in confusion. I could tell she was trying to get a good look at me but didn’t want to look too much like a creeper, because I was supposed to be in Aspen, not walking across a bridge right in front of her!!

We got the whole thing filmed and it was super cute.
She didn’t really know what was going on, and the first thing she said (after “What the HECK, it IS you!”) was “Do you want some candy?”.

This chick is one of a kind.

To sum up the past week, we have hiked up Stawamish Chief (a big mountain – photos yet to come), went for a bike ride around Stanley Park, spent three hours at a coffee shop that just FLEW by, went to the family cabin out at Princeton, gone tubing on the lake, learnt how to walk on stilts, had a go at the slack-line, made smores, played crib and have watched a scary movie almost every night. Got to meet up with Mel Stewart and tried to help her jump-start her car… Interesting story there, but let’s just say it was great to see her and I’m glad I got an extra half hour in 😉

Tomorrow I head off to the next place I’ll tick off my ‘Places-Visited-on-This-Trip-Travel-Map’.
Will be sad to say goodbye to Cassidy and the rest of the Bergen clan, but I am pretty excited to see Mckayla in just a few hours!!

More photos to come…


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4 thoughts on “Sorry I Didn’t Tell You Earlier … SURPRISE – I’m in Canada!

    • Naomi Joy says:

      Hey Mumma,
      Yes – I am STILL enjoying myself over here!
      Although I’m sorry I wasn’t with you for your birthday… I’ll make you a cake when I get home.
      Love you!


  1. Anonymous says:

    What a perfectly orchestrated surprise for your friend Joy! You are one of a kind!
    Love reading your stories and can picture you thoroughly soaking up every second of fun & adventure! Can’t WAIT to see you when you get home!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE you loads! Enjoy your last few weeks away. Australia needs you back now!

    Kazz, Craig, Nath & Dan


    • Naomi Joy says:

      I love that I can keep people updated at home so easily by just posting on this hey!! I definitely need to do it more often though haha.
      Yeah the surprise was pretty fun. We didn’t exactly get the big reaction, but that was because she was so confused that I was in Canada and didn’t process until a few minutes later hahaha. So all good anyway 🙂
      Love you guys too. Super excited to see you all in October! Still crazy to think that this big adventure I’m on now started with you back in a cold New York!


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