The Only White Girl At Church

I had a few minor hiccups in traveling from Alberta, Canada to Miami, USA…

I haws flying in on Friday night and meeting Jarryd on the Saturday, so had to spend the night somewhere in the meantime. I’d contacted a couple of local churches to see if someone could put me up for the night, and heard back from one on the Thursday (day before I flew in), to ask a few details and confirm  that I had transport, so I figured it was a done deal.

Annnd then it was Friday and I hadn’t heard back, so I emailed again. And didn’t hear back. I decided to pay the $4 for in-flight wifi about an hour out of Miami, fingers crossed that there was an address waiting in my messages for me to go to for the night.

There wasn’t.

I didn’t want to be entirely stranded at an international airport – granted, I would have slept in a corner without too much of a fuss but after a 3:30AM wake up and three flights across America that wasn’t my first choice – so I painstakingly browsed through the web on my ereader and booked a room at a random hostel.

Except after I paid for a No Cancellation, No Change room I noticed that my ereader hates me and changed the dates to five days later, so instead of a room for that night (technically, two hours later when I would get there!), I had paid for Wednesday night.

I kept my cool, and just let it go and figured I would quickly look up cheap rooms close to the airport and write off the hostel money.

Except the cheapest room was around $70 with terrible/dodgy reviews.

I ended up asking the older lady next to me if I could borrow her phone, and called the hostel to see if I could change the date and the chick switched it all for me no worries, didn’t even charge me anything extra (which would be the norm, as weekends always cost more).

Alright, so I eventually got my bags (which took an HOUR) and got on the bus to go to the hostel and I missed my stop, considerably. I was tired and knew that the bus was on a loop, so just sat there and waited till the bus started the route back to go and ask the driver specifically for my stop.

I could go on for a while about how amazing the driver, Gwen, is, but I don’t want to take up too much of your time, so trust me: she’s amazing.

everyone ended up getting off the bus and I was the only one left (guess everyone else got off at the right place!), so I moved my bags up front and chatted with her and got onto God topics, and I invited myself to her church haha!

Shivers, I’ve gone on for ages and Jazz and I are about to go explore Miami so I don’t have much time left >.<

OK, in short: church this morning was AHMAZING. There was easily a few hundred there, if not thousand people, and it was everything you see in the movies and more. The men’s choir was singing and the stereotype isn’t wrong – black people can SING! The pastor was up front shaking his fist and wiping the sweat off his brow, ladies were in their Sunday best with matching hats that we’d only pull out for a day at the races, people were dancing and swaying and shouting “Amen!” during the sermon. I totally got in on it and loved every second!

Did I mention I was the only white person? It was a humbling experience, and also very cool. I feel like I got to peek inside of someone else’s life to see how they do it in the ‘hood’, as one woman called it, and it was fantastic! The 7:00AM start didn’t even phase me – I haven’t had that much fun so early in the day in who knows how long!

As I am STILL yet to get a phone, I wasn’t able to sneak any pictures of the amazing service unfortunately… Here’s a shot of Amarah and I back at Destination Paradise singing to Jesus instead 😉

YWAM Worship sesh, March 2014

YWAM Worship sesh, March 2014

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