Rainy Goodbyes and a Bit of a Drive

It’s just gone 7AM, and I’m on a bus waiting at the terminal to take off for New York.
I dropped Jarryd off at the airport two hours ago, gave him a huge huge hug and have been prctising chess on me ereader since I got here. Jazz taught me chess, but I’m yet to win a game, so will have to find someone to help hone my skills when I get home.
Anyhow, I’m now on the bus staring out the window (in between sentences on this of course), watching the big fat rain drops splash on the ground, munching on some dry cereal and getting well and truly settled for the 32 hour bus ride ahead of me.
Ah, yes. That 32 right there is not a typo – although I know there’ll probably be a few this post; ereaders really are made for reading!
It’s going to be a bit of a hike, but I’m just thinking of it as nor only saving me money, but I get to see the countryside as well 😉
Buses over here are pretty snazzy – leather reclining seats, power outlet free wifi.. Although with my snacks and music, I’m set for the ride!
I’ll let you know when I’m safe and settled with Amarah in Connecticut.

And only two weeks till I see Mumma and Daddy! 🙂

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