Till Next Time, Backpack

Last night was the last time I packed my backpack. I should have kept track of how many times I had to pull out, re’organise’ and stuff things in there over the past eight months… At least two dozen, easy.
It feels weird knowing that I won’t have to fight with the zipper or tuck away loose straps anymore. That for the FIRST (and only) time since I packed it back in December 2013, I will empty my pack out completely. That I will have coat hangers, a drawer for undies (as opposed to a Peter Alexander laundry bag), and I will have a choice in shoes again!

With regards to my previous post, I know that I’ve changed. I’ve got more piercings – but nothing too scary Mum, just some more in my ears!, a much wider vocabulary – including the leftovers of knowing another language, and there is definitely more junk in my proverbial trunk. I imagine I’ll do a huge clean out of my closet when I get home; I’m happy with just a few different tops and bottoms I can mix and match, and don’t really need a hair straightener anymore. Apart from when it rains, not too sure I’ll actually make use of the shoes either, as I’m more often than not bare feet these days.

The best changes, though, are those that have happened inside me.
I’m happy with myself.
I have a love for Jesus that I never knew before, and just know that He adores me too, and that is enough to get through any and every day.
My heart has grown so much bigger, having to fit so many more people (and places!) inside.
I know that I am loved. Sounds silly, because I knew people definitely said it before, but it is deeper now. Maybe accepting myself more helps me realise and believe in the love others have for me too.

I’m as ready as I can be to come home.
I could have pressed on a little more, maybe stretch the budget out further (although not really if I’m being honest), ticked off a few other countries and what not, but it was time.

“Go back home and tell people how much God has done for you”,
– Jesus, Luke 8:39 NCV

Hope you’re ready Australia, because I’m on my way!




One thought on “Till Next Time, Backpack

  1. bronty says:

    Australia is sooooooo ready to have you back! The countries you have explored, the people you have met & the life lessons you have experienced over the past 8mths will continue to shape you for years to come. You have been so brave, so courageous & so fortunate to have grown so much, in every way!
    We are so proud of you for everything you’ve accomplished, but perhaps selfishly, we so want you back in Australia – where WE know you are safe, warm & loved beyond measure!
    We can’t WAIT to see you (when we come to Sydney) in September & give you a big hug xxxxxxxx
    Mwah mwah mwah!
    Kazz, Craig & boys 😘


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