¡Buen Camino!

Today was another beautiful day in paradise. Mondayitus? Not even on my radar.

It started with a typical French brekky (croissant, baguette, orange juice and black coffe -great  combo!) with Alice. Then I got to facetime my parents and simultaneously have a wuick love affair with a puppy called Maya. We jumped on a train and ended up in Saint Jean Pied de Port, where our Camino begins.

This little town is glorious! It is adorable! Amarah Johnson, one of my favourite people, would fall in love if she were ever to visit.. It would be dangerous not knowing if we’d get her to leave again! And I wouldn’t blame her 😍

Glen and I went for a swim in the river – it was FREEZING. Like, take your breath away and leave you gasping freezing. Lower limbs hurting freezing. But I dove in! Jazzy Buckley, my right hand man, taught me to always dive in to a river, lake or waterfall if there is an option, so I did – much to the delight of three small children who laughed and giggled as the glacial water tore air from my lungs and froze my extremities.

We all had a picnic dinner of fig bread, cheese, grapes, pear, salami and wine with a magnificent vista of the rolling mountains and vineyards painted across our horizon.

See? What even is Mondayitus again?

Tomorrow is D-Day.

Tomorrow, the 9th day of the 8th month 2016 I start my Camino.

I think that tomorrow will be one of those days I shall look back on as a marker of a pivotal moment/time. Tomorrow is the start of something big for me, even though my life has already led me on a journey to get here.

Here is to the journey ahead; may I give myself fully to it.

5 thoughts on “¡Buen Camino!

  1. bronty says:

    Joy!! Love reading your stories! Feel like we are there with you! Good luck – may your pack not get too heavy & your feet not get too sore, as you walk a million miles!!
    We love you heaps & think you are super brave & slightly crazy at the same time 😂😘

    Be careful, have fun xxxx


    • Naomi Joy says:

      Oh, I’m definitely both. It’s more fun that way 😉
      Love you guys too. The pack isn’t too bad, but my feet don’t want to be friends at the moment.. Hoping they’ll toughen up soon and get with the program!


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