Día Dos / Day Two

“The world is full of friends I have yet to meet.” – myself, last blog post

Man, I’m wise. I feel like that could almost be a quote for this trip, as I keep meeting people that I find I have a connection with so quickly over here!
Last night I splurged a little and had the set dinner at the albergue we’re staying in (al-bur-gay = pilgrim’s hostel). Iley and Glen made their own dinner, but I wanted to feast with the Italians, chat more with Frank the Canadian, and let’s be honest.. Three entrees, pork ribs + potato bake for main, dessert and wine – all without having to prepare the food myself or clean up afterwards – won out big time.
And feast we did! We laughed about putting oil on salad, Andrea and Paolo taught us scarpeta (although I’m fuzzy on spelling) was the word for using your bread to mop up a plate/bowl (which I totally did when everyone had had their share of soup – why waste?), and teased each other about how old we looked versus our real age.
I had a real cool moment with Frank when we were talking about the Italian man on the other side of him.
He was telling me that although they had only met the day before, they had walked to Zubiri together and it felt like they knew each other for so much longer than a day. I felt the same with the Italians, Louisa a beautiful Brazilian lady I shared a sandwich with, Jess the Aussie – who also has a big love for Vicks Vaporub!, Matilde and others.
Being on this journey with so many like-minded people is an experience like no other.
Each day, around 1,000 people set out to begin their Camino throughout Spain/France. Which means, every single day you are surrounded with people from all over the world who are also hungry for adventure, seeking something deeper, pushing themselves and stepping into the unknown. The camaraderie and bond felt with each other is tangible and rich.
Setting off now for day three.
Oh, I love the Camino.

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