Día Nueve / Day Nine

Today wasn’t captured by many photos, but it was captured in many moments. I woke a little grumpy again – sore body, not enough sleep, semi-tired of facing the same thing schedule again, and my friends came to the rescue.

Domenico is a funky Buddhist Italian who is teaching me words and ideas and that penne is most definitely absolutely different to spaghetti. He joked about if he should wait to talk to me (always a good idea in the mornings anyway), and then started playing some Sticky Fingers. He knows of them totally by random chance and thought that because I’m Australian I might know them too. I loved it. I was still a little tired and sore and it was too early to talk to anyone, but he helped me snap out of it faster, that’s for sure.

Fede is another Italian I walked with a little today. He had a heck of a lot of patience waiting for me to try and connect with wifi along the way to post yesterday, and made me promise to put in a photo of him. Turns out they were the only photos I took! And note the little napkin crown he remembered how to make 😆 He’s a bit sassy, but he’a a good guy.

We had a special night last night. We stayed at an albergue that’s connected to another Cathedral, I think built or originally lived in by monks or something? Bit shady on details, but it was a cool experience. We all slept on the floor like sardines – one after another. It would have been a great night for some ear phones, as there was a symphony/cacophony of snoring going on.. A couple of us went out for a glass of wine after dinner and came back to it – and just started laughing. It was so bad. But makes for more good memories, and at least we could just laugh it off together.

Dinner was a massive feast for everyone again. How this one works, is we all leave a donation as we feel fit or can afford, and then that goes to the water, electricity bills etc, and buys the food that feeds the next day’s pilgrims passing through.

Eep, we’releaving again already!

Last night was awesome, people are awesome and I had a cold night’s sleep but woke up happy anyway. Talk more soon!

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