Día Ocho / Day Eight

I am tired.

I am even bordering cranky.. I need more sleep, but I need to walk. I’ve been walking for over a week now, and moved my poor tired feet two hundred kilometres across a country.

That photo is totally just for show. I’m not that happy in real life.

In real life, my toes were being pushed apart by a sack of fluid blistered up between them.

Maybe all my cross stitch was practice for Camino, because I took a needle and thread to that puppy yesterday. (See video below. Viewers/Mumma Kay beware: disturbing content).

​​Interestingly, my mind feels more worked out than my feet.

Every day I walk with, eat with, generally spend a good portion of my day with people whose first language is not English. My brain works overtime trying to decipher and translate what is said: I pick out any key words I already know and work them together to figure out the stories being told. I feel like I am in a living puzzle – except I have to find the pieces, put them together quickly enough and find more pieces to keep up. And I love it!

My head hurts, and my feet hurt, and then sun is hot, and I get up too early to try and beat it, but my spirit is soars like the eagles that fly so low you can see sunlight flickering through the feathers of their spread wings (that quote credit goes to Jessy girl).

As much as I want to whine, my body is getting stronger. It hates me for the gruelling work, but responds obediently anyway.

Yesterday I even carried an extra bottle of wine from Logroños to Najeera because the cathedral albergue asked that we not drink wine with dinner. So, I stuffed it into my pack and carried it until our Pilgrim Pack was all sitting by the river and we could celebrate another day together.

There are about two dozen of us that started in Saint Jean together and have walked each day similarly. We’ve formed a bit of a ‘pack’, and each person brings light to this journey together. When we get to Burgos, some will leave back to their own countries, some will have to move forward to make up time that they sacrificed to build these friendships, and I have no doubt our pack will pick up new members too. We’ve already gained a couple in the past two days.

We say goodbye to friends we’ve made, and embrace new ones. Our feet blister and ache, but our bodies get stronger. Our minds tire, but language and spirits expand bigger than ever.

A beautiful woman I love recently said, “For something to be valuable, it has to come with a cost”. It is bittersweet, but it is the Way.
Oii, I got so caught up in my whine and melancholy (or you could call it tired musing) that I nearly forgot to tell about how my day started.

I left at 5:45 and wanted the morning to myself; to have a little alone time and walk in the peaceful cool of the morning with Jesus. It’s nice to think about – a little different when you’re a single girl in booty shorts (thinking about that tan), walking down basically deserted streets in a new city, playing hide and seek with yellow arrows. They were hiding, I was seeking. It was a little bit fun and a little more scary, but I got through – and maybe next time I’ll wait to walk alone in the daylight.

Also, the fiesta is still going. A brass band marched past me down the street as I was on the phone to Mumma and Dad. I love Spain! Towards the end of the road they stopped their march and a crowd broke into salsa and dancing. There was a table set up with hot chocolate given out freely to all who passed, and it was brilliant. What other way would you want to spend a Tuesday morning at 9am?

Okay in my wait for wifi to post this I’ve had two coffees, and perked up a little. My feet still hurt, my body weary, but the Pilgrim Pack (and caffeine) have raised my spirits. This journey is a good one. More sweet than bitter for sure 😉

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