Día Trece / Day Thirteen

Cansado: the Spanish adjective for tired, weary, worn out, fatigued. 

Also the definition of Day Thirteen of my Camino pilgrimage.

We had a solid three hours of sleep last night. Totally worth it. The boys were pretty slow in getting themselves together, so by the time we got out of the hotel and had breakfast, it was already 8:30am!

As we walked towards the fork in the road where we’d have to say goodbye, all heads were bowed. We took this nice photo together with some big smiles, but I think it’s pretty fair to say our hearts weren’t feeling the same.

Walking doesn’t feel the same now.  Knowing I won’t be able to spot these packs down the road or be the only natural English speaker at the table of crazy loud Italians leaves an empty feeling. It’s interesting, because I know I’m better off now than I was two weeks ago – these people are my friends, my brothers and sisters, and my heart has grown in knowing them, and yet I feel the sadness in having to let them go for this chapter and walk on.

As Emanuele put it, ‘This is Camino’.

Our walk was slow and weary. I felt the heaviness of my pack, the strain on my ankles and knees and pressure in my feet.

It is said that the first stage of Camino is physically hard, the second stage is mentally challenging, and the third is spiritually enlightning. So far, I agree. Except I’d go one further to say that the mental challenge serves to put even more strain on the physical side.

I think as I push through these barriers it won’t get any easier – I’ll just get stronger. And I’ll find more friends and family along the Way to continue to walk beside.

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