Día Catorce / Day Fourteen

Two weeks of walking already down, and just about halfway through. We’ve got a few big days coming up and yesterday’s 8:30am start killed me, so I set out at 6:15 in the moonlight.

I was alone with my thoughts, and determined to think deeply and do some soul searching, find revelations and growth and all that good stuff people say they do on the Camino… This was a snapshot of my internal workings:

“Okay Naomi, just you and Jesus under the stars, let’s have some good thinking time.
“What is my purpose? Who am I, really? Why am I here?
“Oh wow, good stuff to start with..
“OHMYGOODNESS THAT WAS A DEER! I wonder how many deer are out here?
“I also wonder, does anyone realise that I only ever braid my hair if I’ve just washed it, or if it’s crazy dirty? If someone paid close attention they could work out my hair washing times based on my braids. Weird.
“Ahh dammit, already off track. How the heck did I start thinking about braids?!
“What is my purpose? Am I doing life well?
“Man, those guys with the torch behind me are so frustrating! Walk by the moonlight; you don’t need artifical light when the stars are so bright! You’re ruining the mood here. That’s not how you’re supposed to do the Camino.
“Ummmm pretty sure I’m judging them. That’s not good. Okay, heart, who are you to say their way is wrong and mine is right? That in itself is not right.
“Vicks Vaporub is amazing. I’m so glad I tried it as chapstick, it’s the best thing ever. Grandma would be so proud of me for all the new uses I’m finding for it!
“The colour of the sky this morning is a perfect gradient… I think it’s almost exactly the same as one of the old Microsoft WordArt colour gradients.
“Naomi, seriously, stay on track here. Purpose, life, why am I here?
“Wonder if I’ll see another deer soon..
“Maybe I should put this in the blog today. 

I’m not even kidding. Turns out I can’t make myself think deeply like turning a switch on and off, but it was good practise to try and have self control over my mind.

I got to a cafe two hours down the road and called Sarah, yeeeeah!!

Happy Birthday you big cutie! 🎈💕

I hung up the same second Becka called me, and I got to talk to both of my sisters. Wifi is the best!

I took one of the longest breakfasts ever – two hours! So much for starting early! But I had a lovely time and would do it again. It also meant that as I set back out again I had the road to myself, with no one to witness me jamming to Hammer Time in my puffer jacket walking and skipping and doing the crab-walk thing down the track. Ahhh how good is alone time (sometimes)!

 At the top of that mountain (which was a bit of a biatch to climb), I met Lauren. Granted, walking with him meant that I couldn’t/wouldn’t throw my hands up to Fatman Scoop as I sauntered along anymore, but his company was worth it.

We spent the rest of the day walking and talking, and it was a delight! As we went back and forth talking about our lives, similar beliefs, stories, hurts, hopes and dreams, I felt I was seeing my life with fresh eyes.

And I have lived an exceptional life so far.

At 26, I have been in the Navy, I have had my own business, I have built classrooms in Africa, I have taught Scripture at my local primary school, I have learnt to read and write Arabic (suuuper rusty these days but can still make out a few sounds!), I have travelled the world alone, I have shared my life with great men and marvellous friends and family, and have done my best to absolutely embrace my times without a partner as well. And now I am walking across a country!

I am living the life of my dreams.

How cool is that?!

Countless people loosely ‘hope’ or ‘dream’ about going on adventures, getting a job they enjoy, or even just imagine a future where they are actually happy, but never make any move toward that..

I was once again reminded of how magnificent my life is. How blessed I am! How magical and vibrant and inspiring my walk has been to others.

Sometimes – somehow – I forget this.

I am so lucky, I know I am.

If you are reading this and feeling a twinge of jealousy or wanting to move toward a better future yourself, I beg you to do it! My life hasn’t all been rosy and sweet; there have been the blackest places and times, but I have held onto God (and He to me), and I have pulled through, with some amazing stories to tell.

Make a move toward a better life today if you can. As my good friend Tom would say, it can’t end badly!

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