Día Diecinueve / Day Nineteen

I love that my facebook feed has recently been swamped by all these #itsokaytotalk posts, because even from the other side of the world, I have been musing on similar themes.

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day. So quickly, between all these spheres we juggle – work, family, groceries, church, down time, etc. – we can start to take things for granted, or not invest what we once did.

I received a quick message from a very beautiful friend, and was struck with surprise at just how much it meant to me to hear from her.

Out here, when all else is stripped away, there is so much time and permission to think and talk about our innermost thoughts, feelings, worries, pains. The contrast between bustling cities, the horizons of open plains and highways and landscapes between give our minds food for all manner of thoughts.

We were created for connection.

That is my heart’s theme for today.

Connection with God, with myself, with those by my side, and maintaining connection with the ones I have walked through past seasons, even connection with the earth.

I want to fully live in and connect with every moment of life. I want to stay connected with as many people as my growing heart can handle.

Hobbit hole anyone?

Manuel taking a nap, as usual.. The card playing beside him – not so usual.

“Um, Nick? I don’t think I’m coming home…”

So I wrote all that as I was walking today – it’s good to walk, ponder, process, and organically put it all into writing as I go along.

We got to the albergue – Casa de Jesús (the House of Jesus!) – and it was almost like I walked into a response of all I went over today.

There is connection here everywhere you look.

There is a lush green lawn with tables and chairs and flowers around a nice big heavenly pool, and families lounging around with kids laughing and playing.

There are mattresses lined up along the rooftop terrace just in case you want to sleep under the stars. (Guess where I’ll be tonight? 👌🏽😉)

The interior is covered in graffiti from pilgrims past. Almost all who have walked through have taken to the walls to write a message, draw a picture, share a story or a verse.

It is so beautiful to see and read the pieces people have left behind, for all those following to connect with.

And it brings me full circle to the connections I have: I am thankful all over again.

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