Día Dieciocho / Day Eighteen

I’m still thinking about that KFC.. So good!

Seeing as this was my first rest day, I went all out. TWO sugar syrup coated, coconut stuffed buns for breakfast, Burger King for lunch, pizza for dinner, and tiramisu and ice cream for dessert. And of course, plenty of coffee and wine throughout the day. 

At 9:18AM I woke up to a crash of thunder that seemed to shake the magnificent hostel I got to spend the night in. Compared to the previous seventeen days, I suppose I spent half my day there too! 9:18! Usually by then I’d have been awake for four hours already and 15km down the road (and that’s with a break or two 😉). But I hadn’t even stirred. Lucky for that ‘no check out time’ policy!

I went and found Paolo near the cathedral, and after he watched me smash those two sugary pastries (of which he couldn’t believe I really went back for another), we wandered around the city to mail a couple postcards and find me some more sandals.

I tried not to show how sentimental I was feeling as I threw my old pair in the bin. Those babies were my go-to for twelve out of seventeen days; faithful to me for over 400km, and saving me from all sorts of nasties on bathroom floors.

I have a tendency to hold on too tight sometimes. I keep things as if they could help me keep memories. I try not to horde, but I just put so much heart into those physical mementos that bring me straight back.

So I threw them out – and didn’t even take a picture of them sitting there in the bin; I just walked away in my shiny new pair.

I am learning to appreciate and be thankful without needing physical things to keep those people/moments/memories in my heart.

Those sandals were amazing and got me so far. I am so grateful for them, and love that I wore socks and sandals day in, day out, with no thought of my appearance or social standing. But I don’t need to keep them in a box back in Australia to remember that.

And then it was time to say goodbye to this bright backpack and even brighter man who carries it. Once again, I had to let go and hold dearly on to the memories I now have.

The rest of my evening was spent making memories with new friends, wandering down streets filled with people and music and staying up too late.

Maybe not so much of a ‘rest day’ after all.. But certainly another beautiful one.

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