Día Veintiocho / Day Twenty Eight

I know this is late.

I tried writing it a few times over already but just can’t get the story to sound right, and then my days continue on and it all snowballs and I still haven’t written and ohmygoodnesswheredoIevenstart.

So this will be a quick one I think.. Keep it simple instead Naomi Joy. Less is best.

Today (let’s just pretend I wrote this on the day) God put the perfect people in my path.

I shared my breakfast with a sparrow and then met shiny Mary again which was a quick delight.

I giggled at a lady who jumped with a shriek when a pinecone fell from the tree beside her.

I translated for an Irish woman who just wanted a bottle of water. I also promised she’d survive, when she told me she’d given up the will to live and this is torture. Like ACTUAL torture. “Kill me now; to die would be better than this”. I couldn’t stop the twinkle in my eye; she was hilarious.

And she survived.

I saw her later in town and went over to congratulate her. See? I’m being nice to the tourists now 😉

She invited me to sit with her group of loud, happy, worn out Irish women (one of whom I had ran past down a hill, another was the pinecone jumper) and we proceeded to banter back and forth about me being crazy to have CHOSEN to inflict this hideous punishment upon myself.

She will never do this again. Never. It’s the absolute worst. She’s only here because they are raising funds and awareness for CRY – Cardiac Risk in Young people.

Say what?

Every one of those beautiful sassy ladies had lost someone dear to them. Sons, a niece, brother, sister, newly wed husband… Suddenly, out of the blue, their hearts gave out or exploded or decided it was time to go to Heaven.

Same as my Cat.

I spent my whole evening with them, and thanked God for crossing our paths. Don’t get me wrong, they were a raucous bunch – drinking too much, whistling at the young footy team who ran past, giving the waiter a hard time – but each one added another piece to my puzzle. Being with them showed me that no matter how long passes, you still grieve, you still love, you still remember the sweet times as well as the frustrating (which were some of the best stories). You carry your loved ones around and they become a beautiful part of who you are now, and your story helps the next person. Their losses helped me with mine. I hope my story is one that helps others similarly.

It wasn’t the most eventful of days here, but it was a special one.

I also ate three Cornettos for dessert.

And here’s the sunrise again, because it was just so good:

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