Abortion: not a topic I generally (ever) talk about publicly.

It is a delicate topic for many, and I am not one to start an argument. Unless we are down to the last Tim-Tam, of course.
Knowing it is such a sensitive issue, I have most often elected to stay away from the pro-life vs. pro-choice debate, and chosen instead to simply love to the best of my ability the women (and men) around me who have had to make such a hard choice.

I know and adore women who have had abortions. I have personally watched some of them grow to be amazing mothers years later, who totally dote on and cherish their babies. I know the most beautiful women who are brilliant aunts, sisters, cousins who love children so well, yet chose to not have their own.
Please bear with me here: I recognise that females are only half of the equation; that men and fathers cannot be left out of this. They have opinions, needs, concerns, values, convictions and are affected by this too – I simply haven’t had the same in depth conversations with many fellas, and so can’t talk out of my experience there.

You will hear no judgement from me.
A lack of understanding or knowledge on some details, I’m sure. I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs. I am the first to admit I can’t comprehend the journey one must go on when travelling this path: from the decisions initially made, to the aftermath and healing. I may even seem ignorant on some points.
But I do not judge.

Recently, I was listening to a podcast and heard a brilliant quote from Kris Vallotton:

If we found a single cell on the moon, we’d say, “There is life on the moon!”¹.

It got me thinking…

Abortion is not something I generally talk about.

Life, however, is something I do talk about. A lot.

Life is amazing.
Life is beautiful.
Life is chaotic and glorious and mysterious. It is magical and scary and a great big magnificent adventure.

But when does ‘life’ start?
What counts as ‘life’?
When is it okay for us to take into our own hands the choice and responsibility of ending a human life – no matter how ‘far along’ or ‘developed’ it is?

Kris is right: humanity would shout and proclaim there is life on other planets if we found even one viable cell out there in the cosmos. And yet in this same day and age, women are legally terminating pregnancies in their third trimester!

If babies can be born at 24 weeks now (and even earlier) and still live and grow up to be fighters, how can we think it is okay to kill them? Convenience? Finances? For the sake of an image?
No, it’s not an easy road. Of course it isn’t. I don’t presume to have answers for these huge questions and worries that must plague a parent to make such a call.
But ending a child’s life before it has even begun is in no way easier. Surely ‘termination’ can’t be the answer.

Life is precious.
All life is precious.

Please don’t take my words and assume they stem from religious reasons, or that I’m out to Bible-bash anyone into changing their mind.
I’m not here to judge or condemn.

I’m here speaking out of a personal moral conviction:

life is precious.

Life is worth talking about.
Human lives that are just beginning to bloom are worth talking about.
They are worth the awkwardness that we tend to feel when we hear the word abortion.

Have you ever considered that the small part of us all that squirms or shudders when we hear abortion does so for a reason?
Deep down, we inherently don’t agree with ending human lives, regardless of age or when they were conceived.

We fight for choice, yes. We fight for freedom. We fight for the right to live our lives how we want.

Should we not also fight for life itself?


¹Responsibility of Royalty, Kris Vallotton

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