How well do you think you know me?

I have $16 in my bank account (that is, to my name) in a foreign country for four days. Do I:
A) Make the most of the beautiful home we’re staying in, bake and play board games
B) Purchase a gym pass and then go out for coffee
C) Be happy adventuring downtown and immersing myself in Toronto’s good vibes
D) All of the above

Be honest now… How many of you picked D?
Go right ahead and pat yourselves on the back – because I did just that.

Ash had heard about a $14 for 14x days pass for a local gym, where we’d have full access to all fitness/spin classes, yoga, the sauna, massage chairs, or even tanning booths if our souls desired. (I didn’t use one. I wanted to, I won’t lie – especially after starting to notice a paler complexion than I usually sport – but I figured skin cancer isn’t as good as a tan so kept to the massage chairs).

But yes, we signed up. And then enjoyed those celebratory coffees.

So after spending the first day in Toronto recovering from the mental/emotional roller coaster of becoming an official temporary resident of this fine country, Ash and I made a game plan of what classes we wanted to do and what to work in around them.

I’m glad to say it turned out to be a brilliant idea.

Over the next three days, we did seven classes and ventured out to two different churches and spent hours back and forth on the subway exploring the city from the ground up. Working hard was good for us both; especially after so much couch time in Belize. And the classes were a great framework for our days. We had something to work around, to get us out of the house, to encourage us to make the most of our time.
Without a doubt, our favourite class was SH’BAM. It is my new favourite thing to do and I’ll be researching where/if I can do it again in Australia! It’s a ‘fitness class’ with dancing. As in, you literally are dancing – from salsa to ghetto twerks to cha cha and high kicks, and we all laugh the whole way through! It was amazing. Seriously.


​​Notice the costumes?
So of course everyone was dressed up.

There were businessmen with eye patches and pirate swords buckled around their waists, grown women in tutus with wings on, striped stockings and ghoulish faces every which way we turned: down the street, on the subway, in restaurants and even at the gym. People definitely get into the spirit over here.
Naturally, we joined in.
And we had a local tour guide to show us the ropes.

Yep, that is Frankie ❤️❤️

The man who featured in the majority of my Camino story got to feature in this one too.

As Ash and I had never done Halloween before, he wanted to make sure it would be a good one. My man Frank googled something along the lines of ‘wealthy Toronto suburb’ and we found streets of gorgeous houses, unbelievable decorations, and happy welcoming faces wishing us a very happy Halloween after we knocked and sung out ‘trick or treat’! One lady asked what our trick was.. I told her I could do a better Australian accent than she could. I wasn’t wrong 😉

Any Stranger Things fans? One local man crafted this up that week: the fairy lights blinked their way through HAPPY HALLOWEEN


After just an hour and a half we called it a night – with two full bags of chocolate and candy! This is what was left after I had already munched my way through some Oh Henry’s!, Coffee Crisps, Doritos, Reese’s Pieces, Wunderbars… Obviously, we had to try out all the North American varieties?

Frank also took us to try Korean food – another newfound favourite of mine.

Toronto, thank you for turning on the goods.
I’ll see you again soon. x

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