Last week, I could say that I’ve never shovelled snow from a driveway or had to chip away ice from a car door handle to get in.
Now I no longer can.

Toronto airport was a lot friendlier second time around. Maybe it was because I was leaving? I sailed through security, hopped on a plane and walked out into Kelowna five hours later – into this:

It was beautiful. I’ve been in falling snow one other time in my ‘adult’ life; Christmas Eve, 2013 in Times Square.

But this was different. The flakes didn’t melt and turn to slush when they touched the ground; they fell, landed silently, and covered the earth around me. Apparently that morning there had been nada… but by the time my flight got in, there was a winter wonderland going on.

I only had a few short days there, but I loved them.

We woke up Friday morning and had to clear the driveway of snow. I jumped at the chance to help, and the Matis family jumped at the chance to let me do so 😉
Having never really been surrounded by so much white powder, it was a novelty to me. Admittedly, if I had to shovel in the freezing cold every morning just to go to work, fight with frozen door handles and wait to defrost fuel tanks I’ve no doubt the novelty would wear off quickly. For now, though, I loved it. Even if I definitely absolutely did not pack for such a task. Quick plug: a simple micro-fleece Bush Gear top kept me warm enough out there! (You can get your own here, with free shipping in Australia).

I promise that’s a shovel I am leaning on, midway through working hard


Among other ‘firsts’ I got to tick off was driving on icy roads, on the right hand side of the road no less.
And beer pong – which I seem to have a knack for (although I had an advantage of not actually drinking).
I’ve finally done the typical white girl thing and tried a pumpkin spiced latte. It just tasted like a dirty chai, but at least I can say I’ve had one now.

Around the snow shovelling and driving lessons, we managed to squeeze a lot into two short days:
Halloween party ✔️
Homemade waffles (with REAL Canadian maple syrup!) ✔️
Cinemas ✔️
Kelowna lookouts ✔️
Wine tasting ✔️
Fancy dinner ✔️

Yep, I loved my short time in Kelowna. Massive thanks to Kristian and his family for opening their beautiful home to me and ensuring I got the full Canadian experience 🍁

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