Intro to My Pacific Crest Trail

I’m going to walk from Mexico to Canada.


Covering approximately 4,300 kilometres and taking around six months, I’ll be on a pretty epic adventure.

Screen shot 2018-02-13 at 23.13.55

Anyway, I can’t imagine Mr Right being too far away – I caught* the bouquet!

The story is, I’ve grown up wanting and waiting for ‘Mr Right’ to stroll in and sweep me off my feet.

But even though this my deepest desire, I never want to look back and see that I wallowed or sulked or didn’t really live a full life before he came along.

I am single, yes.

And I am powerful. I am independent. I am more than capable. I am strong. I am not afraid of my own company, nor am I in fear of a future alone, regardless of how long that chapter is.
It’s a choice to live in joy when one of my biggest dreams is yet unmet, and so I choose joy daily.

My life has already been one grand big colourful tale, but I think this year will see the rawest, truest side of me,

And I want to share it with the world.

I want to empower women: you don’t need a man or significant other to accomplish great things.
I want to inspire people at home: there are adventures to be had in everyday life – it’s incredible, I promise!
I want to encourage youths and children: don’t follow society! Follow your biggest, scariest dreams, because you CAN do anything you set your mind t

Partner with me, as I push myself beyond anything I’ve experienced.
Join me as I share my struggles and victories and stories.
Come, be a part of this journey too.

Because you are a part of this; I can’t do it without you.
I don’t want to do it without you.
You are who make this possible, and I love you.
I really truly am so thankful for you.

Now, the important part:

What the heck is ‘Patreon‘?

Well, Patreon is basically a really fun way to crowdfund an idea, a creation, art – or like in this case, a really really big adventure!

I’ve grown up working hard and making my own way in the world, so it’s not exactly natural/easy for me to ask for help. This time, however, I don’t want to do it alone.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m working super hard with two jobs to get this ball rolling. I’m even taking trips to the local recycling plant to get 10c back for empty bottles and cans I collect!

But part of the sweetness of this particular idea is that with every dollar you invest in me, you are partnering with my journey. I’m not doing this alone. You’re supporting me, loving me in practical ways, and blessing me as I venture into the world and inspire others to live hope filled lives as well.


While good vibes and my extra big gratitude is good to have, I’m sure, tangible thanks are also pretty darn cool!!

So here it is: you make a monthly pledge – whatever, however much you like – and you can opt for ‘rewards’. The ones I’ve got here include a crocheted heart, or a personalised cross stitch – both of which I will make especially for you! – or postcards sent from the trail, or even a hardcover copy of my book, which tells the stories of my pilgrimage along the Camino. You know what? If you have any ideas or something in particular you’d like me to make, just say the word and I would love to bless you back  

Payments are deducted on the 1st of every month, so there’s no scary or unexpected surprises, and I’m only going to have this running until I cross that border into Canada. Plus, you can bow out any time and I promise I won’t hold it against you – I’ll just be filled with gratefulness that you were able to help me get there in the first place!

So, you can find my Patreon site at:

I keep saying it, because it’s true: I love you!
Thank you, always. x


*Disclaimer: ‘caught’ could also be interpreted as lurched toward, grabbed, held on, fought hardest for and rose victorious with a semi-intact bunch of flowers



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