I’m at the front of the line to board a plane bound for America, and nerves are finally starting to sink in. (Also meant I was first to step on the plane past First Class – very eerie!).

This has been a week of goodbyes, from Lennox Head to Sydney to Melbourne. I’ve been running so fast and flitting between moving out/farewelling/all the last minute hugs and errands that I haven’t had the downtime to really process what I’m about to do… and if I’m being honest, I think I’d prefer to keep my head in the sand than fully be in touch with the immensity of it all.

My favourite procrastination excuse? Solomon Smith. On my last day in Australia he finally said NayNay! ❤️ Oh my heart!

I start my trek across America on the 5th May, so two weeks to go. Family time is first in Colorado, then a women’s conference in Los Angeles to get me all empowered and pumped up, then three days in San Diego to truly get those bearings, reassess what I actually need to carry to survive (with no excess weight … except the Easter eggs still evident around my waist) and THEN I begin the hike.

I squeezed in my last few phone calls to my cousins, my Mum and Dad, my sisters, and we’ll take off soon.

I guess I’ll get the first stamp in my fresh new passport, write a journal entry or two and jump straight in hey?

* * *

Little did I know, when I stepped onto the plane it would block all phone service and I wouldn’t be able to call Sarah (sorry, thought I could cutie! I love you!), download a few more Netflix episodes on my phone, or finish and post this. Shame those last remaining gigs of data won’t carry over until my return in November..

But that’s just another aspect of life I’ll have to adjust to: writing different ‘chapters’ in posts, instead of just the one story at a time. I won’t exactly have a good constant wifi connection.

So, yes. Having posted this means I’ve arrived in the good ol’ US of A safe and sound.

I had good flights too.

On the Melbourne – LAX leg, at one point I got peckish, and wandered up the back to ask the ladies for a coffee (and enquire about snacks, let’s be honest).

The two beautiful chatty hostesses were adamant I needed a fresh brew – and I was adamant I’d be fine with whatever was left in the pot, so long as it was hot. We got to talking about my plans and the PCT, and they were a great mix of part fascinated, part anxious for me. With them both being mothers, I think I spent a good half hour there: assuring them I’d be safe, wouldn’t antagonise any mountain lions or coyotes, and yes, Mum and Dad definitely know and are okay with me trekking solo for six months.

They made my flight!


God always puts angels in my path.

When I finally made my way back to my seat, I’d had two great (great..?) coffees, and my arms were full with presents of cheese and crackers and hummus and olives and even a fresh new set of First Class pyjamas. Granted, I suspect those bad boys will have to wait for me at Colorado until I come back through after I survive.

If I survive.

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