“Where do you think the safest place on earth is?”

Two of the guys on the bus to Denver Airport were chatting with me about life, travel, and the world, and Brad* answered him: “Right in the centre of God’s will”, then gave me a friendly wink.

And that’s exactly where I felt I was. It’s where I feel I am, and where I hope to stay.

I’m nine days out from the trail. Single digits now. Every day that brings me closer makes my heart beat a little faster.

I should probably definitely be training, but instead, I’ve spent the past week with those farewells I mentioned last time, learning to crack a whip, legit building a set of stairs (I was even trusted with power tools 💪🏽😁), playing a dozen+ games of Monopoly (I won all but one), and napping. I’ve had a nap almost every day. #noregrets


There are worse places you could play board games.

I did go for one walk, but ahh, that’s about it. Let’s face it: I just plan on getting fit on the trail… I also keep having ‘last meals’: extravagant lunches and dinners, telling myself that I won’t be able to have these when I’m out in the woods for six months. Here I am worried about getting my pack weight down and meanwhile I’m adding pounds to my hips! Go figure. Still, #noregrets

Obviously, with Anzac Day, I had to make Anzac biscuits. Thankfully, as they are a symbol of remembrance, they don’t count as any extra calories. And who knew? You can swap out golden syrup for molasses. The things you learn when abroad!

Having been a budget backpacker for a solid seven years now, I’m no stranger to long hours.
Once, I caught a 32hr bus from Miami to New York instead of a three hour flight, because it saved me 200 bucks or so. (Correct, I’m still on the whole #noregrets bandwagon with that one too). I had 16hrs in Cancun airport in 2014, and I think it was around 21hrs I spent in the airport in Madrid between flights in 2016.
So today, eight and a half hours at Denver wasn’t that big of a deal. Yeah, the original bus ride from Aspen was five hours to get here, but after beginning my day with a stellar brekky with Aunty Robyn, I was more than satisfied to sit back and enjoy the countryside. And with those little reminders that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be, I also enjoyed the company and conversation I had along the way.


Obviously I didn’t take the photo, but I did travel this same road – just imagine snow on the mountaintops, and you’ve got today’s journey Image: Jesse Starr Productions

I’m more than halfway through the wait here now.

And I got EIGHTY NINE MINUTES worth of FaceTime and phone calls with my Daddy ❤️

Feeling loved up, excited and nervous for these nine days to pass, and now my biggest concern is: what books should I download for my kindle? Any suggestions?

*I’m pretty sure his name’s Brad – and if not, my apologies🙈

5 thoughts on “#noregrets

  1. bronty says:

    Eeekkk!! Not Long now!
    Excited & petrified for you! And in awe of your bravery & determination and spirit!
    Love you beyond measure xxx

    PS – LOVE your book! Thank you xx


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