Day Nineteen: ZERO

I should have known I wouldn’t do any walking today. No further than lunch, or the supermarket. I was feeling a little off this morning. There’s not much alone time on trail. It’s a bit hard to describe, because it sounds silly. Most people hike all day by themselves - myself, included - but whenever … Continue reading Day Nineteen: ZERO

Day Thirteen: ZERO

Thirteen is my favourite number. Thirteen was my favourite day on the PCT? Mmm... just about. But we didn’t do any [real] walking, so I’m not entirely sure it counts. Three more of our posse were due to rock up in the afternoon, we needed to resupply, and the Swiss offered to cook dinner, so … Continue reading Day Thirteen: ZERO

Day Eight: ZERO

A ‘zero’ is a day where you walk ‘zero kilometres’ along the track (this does not take into account walking to/from a local restaurant, post office or bottle shop). I had my first zero today. Did anyone notice I mixed the days around last post? Oops! Time is already getting muddled. I mightn’t have remembered … Continue reading Day Eight: ZERO

Pack Unpacked

Have you been dreaming about Into the Wild? Wondering what you would take with you for six months in the wilderness? Or even what foods you might eat out there? Well, I’m no Christopher McCandless, but I am your lady. While I’m not setting fire to my passport or any money*, I am wandering north. … Continue reading Pack Unpacked


“You’re all set honey! You’ll be in San Diego in a few hours.” The train conductor’s warm smile and fatherly reassurance slowed my heart rate a little, but not a whole lot. He’s right, though: I am all set. In LA I was able to sort out the last few bits and pieces (I think??). … Continue reading Perspective