Day Four (pt. II): 78.4 – 96.1km

We left off with me braving a swarm of bees to fill up my 9L of water before braving the desert stretch.

The evening was absolutely beautiful. I might make a habit of hiking later; the temperature was a lot milder, and colours shone brighter. I could have also just imagined that though, because the temperature was milder.

Views were spectacular as we followed the crests of the mountain range and the sun slowly set to our left.

Stars came out and the sky got darker, and darker, until the only things we could see was where our torches threw light.

We walked for nearly seven hours, and only got another twenty or so kilometres. It sounds like a lot, but for the time it took us to cover that distance, it really wasn’t.

Personally, there were times when I held my breath and almost had to force myself on.. The cliff dropped off to the side of the path very quickly, very steeply. Our headlamps and lanterns were amazing, and the stars above us were extraordinary, but it for me it was also scary, knowing if I slipped it wouldn’t end well.

At least we were together for the section.

I also found comfort in the brightest star in the sky, and the first one we saw as the sun set. Tibo called it the Shephard’s Star.

I’m still not sure I’ll walk on my own at night, but I think I conquered another fear by continuing on.

And lucky us: with temperatures halved and no sun beating down, I only drank a litre or so (after skulling plenty at the tap to hydrate before leaving).

I shared a litre with others who did not have the capacity to carry enough for the stretch, and I still have seven for tomorrow.

Slept soundly under the stars with only my mattress and sleeping bag, until another early rise to push through the last 30 odd kilometres.

I’m getting the hang of this, slowly but surely.

2 thoughts on “Day Four (pt. II): 78.4 – 96.1km

  1. Iley x says:

    Girl I’m cheering you on from the small little caravan you used to call home! You are phenomenal and such an inspiration. Love your words and your heart! #champion 💛


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