Day Seven : 145.6 – 176.2km

With the phone reception last night, I was able to check the weather for today: a top of around 22’C.


Cold in my books, anyway.

Which also meant I could sleep in a little. No need for such an early ride if I wasn’t trying to beat the sun.

And yeah, it was cold.

Speedy came and met me for breakfast and a camp coffee, and we headed off with jumpers on.

I’m not sick of this land around me just yet.

And we hit 100 Miles!

My knees have been aching a little, but I find that if I jog, the slight bounce in my step takes some of the pressure off them.

Enter in my 90’s power mix 🎵

Cruising around is so much more fun when I bop along to some tunes – so if anyone has some suggestions, feel free to throw them my way. The best beats I’ve found so far are ‘Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer and ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY.

Anyway, my dancing meant that Speedy and I kept leapfrogging. He walks super fast (hence the trail name Speedy), and I go fast when I dance. Whoever was in front kinda depended on the song I was listening to at the time, and so we reached 100 miles together and we also found our first trail magic together.

‘Doing trail magic’ is a verb along the PCT: it’s where people come and just pour out love and surprises that become magic to those of us hiking.

Today was our first official magic!

We were greeted by Achilles’ parents (I am SO sorry I didn’t catch your names in the excitement), who were so happy and welcoming and the best surprise for us. They explained that their son had thru-hiked and completed his trek last year, and that the trail angels that blessed him along the way were beautiful parts of his trip and made such a difference.

Now they want to do the same to other hikers! So lovely! Argh ❤️

They had a set up with cinnamon rolls, bread and butter, chips, fresh fruit, and eskys with cold beer, cola, and other drinks.

We chatted and ate for an hour before heading off again, and the land flattened out into grass plains that stretched forever.

Speedy stopped for a nap under a tree. I stopped by a stream to read my book. We both stopped at Eagle Rock to take happy snaps.

And then the weather turned.

I watched as dark grey clouds gathered and grew closer to the trail, and goosebumps told me to put my jacket on again. I wasn’t sure if they would bring rain, but I didn’t want to find out. The last couple of miles were quicker ones, even though my knees were aching – nothing ibuprofen can’t fix, right?

And I got here!

Warner Springs!These guys look after hikers big time.

My favourite part about this place is the clothes cupboard.

Locals have donated clothes so that when we do our laundry, we have something to wear and aren’t all sitting around in rain jackets hoping our shirts dry fast. Obviously, I took this as an opportunity to dress up. I found the perfect outfit: a hot pink dress and cream shoulder-padded coat. They went well with my boots!

Speedy, Doc and I all went out for a night on the town (i.e. pizza in the solo restaurant) and there you have it: my Day Seven.

7 thoughts on “Day Seven : 145.6 – 176.2km

    • Naomi Joy says:

      It was OUR pleasure meeting YOU!
      Thank once again for your open hearts and giving attitudes – they double blessed us (and others) later at Warner Springs!


  1. Mumma K says:

    I like the new outfit too. Shame it was only on loan! I know a pink fluffy vest that would have just fitted in!

    So thankful for the beautiful people who are blessing you guys along the way.


    Liked by 2 people

  2. bronty says:

    Day six sounds awesome 👍🏼
    How beautiful of those people setting up the yummy food stall for hikers! Such a cool idea!
    And the clothes cupboard – fantastic!! That cream
    Jacket & shoulder pads over the hot pink dress is a great look Joy! Hahahaha!

    I’ll get craig to compile a list of boppy songs for you!

    Love you 😍


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