Day Ten: 196.4 – 231.8km

Well, I figured it couldn’t last forever, right?

It didn’t.

I got up at stupid o’clock (4AM) and continued to press snooze for half an hour.. then it still took me until 5:20 to have my life fully packed and walking away from my tent site.

My knee still ached, but at least it was a superb sunrise.

Absolutely stunning.

It totally/almost made up for the tiredness, the freezing cold, the agony of each step.

I was walking in the clouds, but they slowly rolled into the valley beneath me and I could begin to make out the landscape I was surrounded by.

The mix of fog, trees, and boulders gave the feeling I was walking through a live set of The Land Before Time.

I found a stick I called Wilson (have you seen Cast Away? Because similarly, this staff saved my life and kept me semi-sane). I found Maya (aka. Khaleesi) and Dario, and Innearly collapsed in tears of gratitude.

Later, Khaleesi told me how much she loved our hiker family. I couldn’t agree more. Those two, with their Voltaren and knee braces and love, gave me the strength to keep going.

Overnight, I’d received replies from the messages I had sent in desperation yesterday: different stretches that would/should help, massage techniques, and general good vibes that got me through.

I don’t know how I pushed through.

I did, somehow, though.

The stretching.

The painkillers.

The prayers.

The love.

I couldn’t have done this on my own – and I don’t feel like I am.

Take when I got to this water cache, for example: there were two love notes in there waiting for me (aka. Warrior and Wizard of Oz – we’re trialling trail names for me).

No, I am not doing this on my own.

Thankfully so!

Otherwise I might have to eat mashed potato with my Vegemite tube more often.

One thought on “Day Ten: 196.4 – 231.8km

  1. bronty says:

    Babe you are SOOOOO not doing this on your own! I am so thankful for the beautiful hearts & souls that are out there with you! Especially ones who have knee braces and voltarin!!

    Have you actually hurt your knee? Twisted it or anything? Or is it repeated strain that’s causing the pain? You poor thing. You are very brave & tough to just soldier on & push through the agony!

    That view sure is spectacular!

    Love you lots xxxxx


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