Day Thirteen: ZERO

Thirteen is my favourite number.

Thirteen was my favourite day on the PCT?

Mmm… just about.

But we didn’t do any [real] walking, so I’m not entirely sure it counts.

Three more of our posse were due to rock up in the afternoon, we needed to resupply, and the Swiss offered to cook dinner, so without much debate, we decided to have another zero and spend two nights under a real roof. After the showers, the pizza, and the Friends marathon the night before, I doubt any of us wanted to hike out in the afternoon anyway.

Except Princess Doc.

He was meeting his aunt who lives in Palm Springs, so he had to move on. We jumped on top of Dario and Khaleesi in bed, and got one last family pic together before bidding him Adieu! and turned our attention to the next most important thing to do: make pancakes!

With maple syrup and strawberries and watermelon and coffee and orange juice, I knew we’d made the right choice to chill for a whole day.

I could have spent all day at that table, but we were due to check out at 11 (and recheck into a different cabin – so it was kinda like the PCT with not sleeping in the same spot twice?).

Dario asked me what the time was, and I was very reluctant to tell him it was 10:56AM… I didn’t exactly want to move. But then, no one wanted a fine, and we also wanted to leave a good name for hikers – it’s no fun for anyone if hotels or restaurants have bad experiences – so we knuckled down and stripped beds, stuffed our packs, and did a CRAZY amount of washing up/drying dishes in record time.

Anyone looking in would have thought we were on fast forward.

We were ten minutes late, but the reception lady was stoked we cleaned up and she had no issues, even giving us space to dump our belongings so we could wander through town unencumbered 🙌🏽

First stop was the library.

Everyone had banking, or blogs, or emails, or route researching to do.

I only got shushed for laughing too loud twice. I also was able to reply to almost allllllll of the comments and messages that have been piling up (thank you for the love! I adore hearing from home so much!). All in all, a productive hour and a half there.

Next stop was the supermarket.

One of my favourite things out here is getting to know everyone’s names, and that was highlighted to me at the store. I’d walk down one aisle and be stopped once or twice, checking in with others about my knee or their tent and what we’re planning to eat over the next five days. Then I’d hit the next aisle and sure enough, there would be more faces that I recognised and could chat with about the walk so far and what we were looking forward to in town.

It was also funny to see so many people packed in there, scouring the nutritional info on every packet they picked up.

With every gram in our packs adding up quickly, we’ve got to make sure that food counts wisely. I don’t yet have the hang of worrying about calorie intake (should be upwards of 3,000 A DAY) – I tend more to go for taste and just trying to make sure I have enough, as I’m eating so much! Yes, I understand that I could count it all out and do it properly, but that just seems no fun to me.

We ticked off the items on our lists and headed back to the (new!) cabin to bludge. I got to chat with both my sisters, my Mumma, my Dad, and got a huge dose of home to refill my love tank ❤️

I tinkled on the ukulele a little, stretched a little, and made sure I made time for self care… Also known as a piping hot bath with lavender oil and a glass of wine.

This is how you’re supposed to do the Pacific Crest Trail, right?

Our Belgian and Koreans showed up and we all squealed, and ate h u g e helpings of Dario’s pasta: one pesto dish, for the veggo’s, and one bolognese.

They. Were. So. Good.

My plate looks small, but I had three and a half servings… and then ice cream for dessert.

Everyone is a little nervous about the huge climb tomorrow: we’re taking on Mt San Jacinto, and all planning to summit it at 10,800 feet. The numbers don’t mean much to me, but everyone’s nervous anticipation speaks volumes.

One more night in a bed with central heating, and I’ll be hitting the trail again.

This is definitely how I want to do my PCT.

3 thoughts on “Day Thirteen: ZERO

  1. Mumma Kay says:

    Hey Beautiful! How lovely that you were able to enjoy comfort food and lodgings. Very special!
    Hope it wasn’t too hard to hit the road again and climb that mountain after such a relaxing time. Can’t wait to hear the next episode!
    Take care. Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. bronty says:

    Yay!! Hello beautiful!
    So glad your day 13 was the perfect (zero) day!
    It’s awesome that you get to enjoy some luxuries like hot baths and yummy feasts along the way! I think you’d go slightly crazy otherwise!
    Love you, super proud of you & cant wait to hear about the trek up Mt San Jacinto!


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