Day Nineteen: ZERO

I should have known I wouldn’t do any walking today. No further than lunch, or the supermarket.

I was feeling a little off this morning. There’s not much alone time on trail. It’s a bit hard to describe, because it sounds silly. Most people hike all day by themselves – myself, included – but whenever there’s a good spot to stop, people will congregate there. Not always for the same amount of time, but even if I were to stay for a while and one group moves on, it’ll be mere minutes before someone else comes along.

Downtime (not walking!) alone has been hard to find. Maybe I should just tweak my approach: get to a creek, fill up with water and hike on for another 15min before putting my feet up. I just really never want to do that! As soon as I stop and take my pack off, it wants to stay where I’ve dropped it. I think gravity, or the universe, must hold it there. The idea of taking items out of my pack so I can fit in water again comfortably, then repack it, hike on, and unpack all over again for lunch is horrendous.

When I stop, I’m generally chatting or in the company of others. When I stop, I can’t really read or blog or journal. I’m struggling to find a happy medium between relationships/sharing moments and stories, and listening to my heart and figure out how to beat look after myself with some alone time as well.

All that is why I was a bit off – I was in deep need of solace in stillness.

I woke up early, and headed to a cafe two blocks up so I could have a coffee and sit down with myself and my thoughts and Jesus.

It was exactly what I needed. Almost all I needed.

I buzzed Zoe, and bought an ice-cream and that was all I needed. Some time and some sugar all to myself.

My internal batteries were recharged as Khaleesi and Dario arrived in town, so we all met for more burgers and shakes.

Chocolate shakes are my biggest craving on trail. I haven’t had one in YEARS – and yet now I’m daydreaming about them, having multiple every time I get to town. Not sure where or why those chocolate shakes are what I’m longing for, but I absolutely am.

We were all sad to say goodbye to Speedy as he continued on ahead.

That’s part of this adventure: meeting people, making deep friendships, and then letting them go as we walk at different paces or have alternate plans/schedules.

Before we went to dinner (and then bed), we rummaged through our supermarket findings and organised meals into days or times or amounts. A few swaps and exchanges were made, and I should be set for the next five days. Hopefully. I bought ‘enough’ for six days (and another gas canister!) so we’ll see how hungry I get, and how far this trail mix’ll go hey 😉

4 thoughts on “Day Nineteen: ZERO

  1. bronty says:

    It’s weird to think that I assumed ithere would be LOTS of (too much?) solitude & alone time on the trail … and yet here you are actively seeking it!! And it is so important to recharge your soul babe!

    Chocolate milkshakes help too 😂

    Repeat after me … “I shall not eat my trail mix as a late night snack!” 🤪🤪


  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t skimp on those times of solitude. It is the best battery recharger.
    The variation is scenery has been amazing


    • Naomi Joy says:

      Learning to balance it in is the key I’m still trying to finesse.
      It definitely is cool to have everything around me keep changing so rapidly and dramatically! Makes each day easier I think as well.


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