Day Twenty Five: ZERO

First things first.

I bet you’re thinking: GET YOUR WALLET!

I was thinking: mmmmm I might go stretch a little, grab a coffee upstairs and cut up the rest of this tomato and avo to have on toast with melted cheese. And write a blog post, while there’s wifi.

I also had my dose of mindless Facebook scrolling and just about lost it when I saw this one:

(Mum, give it a sec…)

My thinking was that I would head into town, hitch out to Macca’s, hitch back, and hopefully not miss much of Maya’s birthday. I guess I wouldn’t be a trail angel today, but retrieving my wallet with license, credit card and cash was a necessity.

Did I already tell you Cindy was lovely?

She offered to take me there and back.

People continue to blow my mind.

How fast we whizzed past the same tortuous mountains I had fought to climb over also blew my mind. What took me two days of hard walking went by in thirteen minutes. Craziness. A little frustrating, too.

The chocolate and strawberry shakes (and having my purse back!!) helped the sting of how flipping slow walking is. I’ll try not to think about it as I continue all the way to Canada 🙄

When we pulled up out the front of our cabin (which had laundry!), Maya was inside on the phone to her Mumma. Out on the porch, I gave Dario a quick squeal and hug, and Speedy a shout of triumph as I raised my returned sequin trophy purse, and passed them both balloons to start blowing up.

After maybe a dozen or so we’re done and our hands were full, we burst in the door singing to her and jumped on the bed. I love laughing with these guys ❤️

Last night, as well as the Oreos and wine (and raspberries! I forgot to tell you there were raspberries!), I got her a gift the envy of all girls out here: shaving cream and a razor.

Oh yeah.

Straight to her heart.

Town days are a weird mix of trying to get the chores done and having rest time. Today was no different.

The laundry was next level f i l t h y. Below was the first rinse:

‘Laundry’ here meant two and a half hours of manual labour. With a tiny machine that took half a dozen items at a time, we put it on a rinse cycle, then another, then another, trying to get the dirt out. Then added soap, for another two cycles. Then rinsed again.

5-7 items at a time.

It drove me half nuts. I was already pretty wrecked from the past few days: walking, heat, emotional car ride to rescue my purse, the general fatigue I live in constantly. I was almost falling asleep in between wringing out wet clothes and draining the machine for another cycle of fresh water. Speedyman came to check on me, and stepped in – letting me go have a much needed nap. It was probably in his best interest anyway; I’ve found I’m teetering on the edge of breakdown and/or snapping more than once, because of this tiredness.

Back inside the cabin, Dario was working on Maya’s blisters. Between laundry, napping, and blisters, it was just your average hiker afternoon.

Birthday dinner!! We had Mexican, with 5c margaritas. Yep. You got the discount with a dinner meal, so we wouldn’t get written off unless we were also stuffed with food, but it was certainly a fun night 🎈 and the restaurant has a tradition of the staff coming and singing you ‘Happy Birthday’ in Spanish, making you wear a big glitzy sombrero and feeding you ice cream. Even better. This is exactly why I’m excited June is my birthday month 😉

The Hong Kong 4 had already had their own dinner but came and joined us for a bit, and we all went back to the cabin for birthday cake. Dario was super excited. Because Maya’s ‘so old’, he got her a stack of candles… I’ve never actually laughed so hard or seen such a sad birthday cake.

There were so. many. candles.

We tried to light them, but couldn’t work fast enough, as they melted into one another and all over the cake. The smoke alarm didn’t go off, so it couldn’t have been too many.

Is it bad my favourite part of hiking is not hiking..?

2 thoughts on “Day Twenty Five: ZERO

  1. Mumma K says:

    So thankful you got your walket back. It was lovely of Cindy to drive you back to get it. Such kind and caring people around you.

    How lovely that you have bonded so well with your new friends on this journey. You all look out for one another, care, laugh, share in everything. I’m thankful.

    Now, the joke….You are too funny Naomi ! 🤣

    Wow your clothes were certainly filthy. Must be lovely to have them clean again.

    Take care. Love you. Xxxx


  2. Karen says:

    Thank GOODNESS you got your wallet back! Soooo Happy about that for you 👍🏼😝

    That washing is next level gross!!! Those clothes could stand up on their own Joy!! Love that Speedy came to take over from you and let you have a much needed nap! You have certainly been blessed with meeting some beautiful people on this journey!

    I can’t imagine the fatigue – but I know you it this babe. ❤️ One step at a time, one day at a time!

    Love you
    Miss you
    Sooooooooo proud of you!



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