Day Thirty Three: 739.7 – 769.6km

Apologies for the long post yesterday; hope you had a comfy chair to read in! Finding it a challenge to keep up with writing in between adventures, and got a bit carried away 🙈

In the short time it took us to eat some dinner and settle down last night, we could feel our belongings becoming damp. No more than ten minutes after stopping for camp, and there were dew drops beginning to form. Speedy had a big raincoat/poncho type thing that he put over his pack; I went with my tent. I wasn’t actually sleeping in the tent, but maybe spreading it out over me and my bag would give some protection from the moisture hanging heavy in the air.

When I woke up this morning – early – it was wringing wet. Somehow, thankfully, it had done a well enough job of keeping me dry underneath though. I’d slept right through to my 5AM alarm. Speedy later asked how I slept so well – did I not hear the coyotes running around?! I had to shrug and give my angels the credit again. Nothing will get past them that isn’t supposed to, so I sleep like a baby 😉

I crept out into the pre-dawn morning, and welcomed the sunrise an hour later up the trail.

No wonder everything had been wet overnight; we had slept IN a cloud.

But I had slept well, so I didn’t even mind the wet tent. Plenty of time to dry it off later.

Breakfast was spent looking out across a hillside full of green grass and purple flowers. The rolling mountains in the background reminded me to enjoy this moment of rest and peace; I would be climbing up and over them by the afternoon.

But first, water. Always with the water.

Today’s source was a natural spring, but not as glamorous as it sounds. It fed into a plastic pipe sticking out from under a rock, and trickled out into our water bottles/bladders, for us to strain and filter.

It doesn’t even feel abnormal anymore.

There were more hills, a beautiful long nap (to dry my tent – had to be done), another sunset and two very aching feet by the time I reached the road on the other side of the range, and hailed a ride to Casa de Luna.

This place is another world. It’s known as the ‘frat house’ of the PCT… Not exactly my usual scene, but apparently a must-do on the way north. And Maya, Dario and Speedy had arrived hours ago, saving me some dinner and a campsite next to them.

I didn’t have any idea what to expect when I got there. My feet were crazy sore from the new shoes. By the time I hobbled across the lawn past hikers under the influence of exhaustion, alcohol, and any number of other possibilities, it was hours after dark. There was no cell service either, to simply text Maya and ask where they were.

Nightwalker is an Australian hiker chick, currently on her sixteenth zero at Casa de Luna due to plantar fasciitis. She knew to expect me, and gave me a big hug and quick run down. The back of the property opened up into a manzanita forest with tent spots under trees scattered throughout the maze. I just had to find my friends, and dinner was waiting for me.

It took a while of navigating past tents and sleeping bodies, ducking in and around trees, to figure out where my people were, but I realised they’d left clues:

What a bunch of people ❤️

It took me sixteen hours between leaving this morning and getting here now. I’ll sleep well tonight again, no doubt.

2 thoughts on “Day Thirty Three: 739.7 – 769.6km

  1. Mumma Kay says:

    Just love how the crew look out for you. Very good friends. And how good are those Angels looking after you! You get a good sleep, kept dry and happy as Larry.
    You are one blessed lady!
    Love you.
    Oh and I LOVED the big blog yesterday .
    You write as you talk. Brought you so close. You funny girl. 😘😘


  2. bronty says:

    I love that you can sleep so well regardless of weather, noise or wild animals!! That’s unreal!!

    The water source looks a bit manky Naomi 🤨😷 but it’s water – so beggars can’t be choosers I guess!!

    LOVE, Love, Love that your people leave you clues to find them – that is so damn cool! I hope you managed a good sleep/rest, cause you sure need it after a huge day!

    Love you xx


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