Day Thirty Seven: ZERO

Remember last week when I thought I had the best day of my life meeting David Tennant?

Well, that is still a highlight of my entire existence.

But… That was also before I had driven a Ferrari and had lunch at Trump’s National Golf Club.

Which happened today.

And I’m still not even sure how it happened.

Richard knocked on my door (fairly early) and let me know he was ready to go whenever I was. If I had a friend who wanted to join us, that was fine too 🙂

Rockmelon is an Aussie guy from Adelaide who I knew was also having foot issues, so I asked him if he wanted to tag along and he jumped in with us.

Two other guys wanted to come too, and we all piled into Richard’s truck for a day trip.

Along the drive, he spoke about being a Disney executive, helping produce the original Gone in Sixty Seconds movie, living next door to Donald Trump and that we should take the Ferrari for a spin. I just didn’t know how to read him – was he serious? He didn’t seem like he was pulling my leg, but some of the stories were just next level.

He’s good friends with the president of the Phillipines and set up peace talks between them and the US. A few years back, he was the owner of the largest collection of Ferrari’s in California. He built Hikertown just so hikers would have a little oasis in the desert before the real hot stretch.

Like, really?

And he was super humble about it all. There was no air of a proud, arrogant man flaunting his accomplishments. He just said it how it was, with a smile and a promise that this was going to be an even better day than yesterday.

First stop was shoes ✔️

I gave in and went for the Altras like 9/10 others do. And mine are HUUUUGE. A European 45 – or in US sizing, a men’s 11. Which is only one size down from my Dad 😳 I knew my feet were swollen, but holy moley… As long as they got me working, I don’t care what the number says.

Next stop, was Costco.

Richard promised that Costco had the BEST hotdogs in all of America, and we HAD to try them.

So far, the guy hasn’t been wrong.

He treated us all to hotdogs and a pizza to share, and they were pretty fantastic.

I wish I had taken a few photos at Costco as well; it is insane!

Every few aisles has someone at a booth with a little grill or saucepan, cooking up samples for customers to try. Everything is sold in bulk, and it’s big bulk. We had to stock up a few items for the general store back near Hikertown; Richard owned that too.

Shopping was done, and next stop was the warehouse to pick up the Ferrari.

I still wasn’t sure if he was kidding or not…

But he wasn’t.

We pulled into a back street down by the Port of Los Angeles, and there was a flipping Ferrari waiting for us.We had a small tour of his office: looked at photos from when he and a team put camera in a helicopter for the first fly-over filming, of different actors and actresses he’d worked with, of times he had proudly served his country in the military. We looked at a couple cars he had stored in the back: they didn’t mean much to me, but this old Rolls Royce was worth more than $1million US 😳 Johnny didn’t even want to touch it, but Richard let me sit up in front for a photo 😉Then, we squeezed into the Ferrari. It’s a beautiful car that is absolutely not designed for passengers. And really REALLY not designed for FOUR passengers plus a driver… but we made it work.

I saw the ocean for the first time in six weeks – my longest stint ever away from an ocean. And the valet’s face when we pulled into Trump’s Country Club was worth the tight fit!I reckon my biggest issue of the day was being surrounded by so much affluence and beauty, and not having washed my hair in seven days. Or having washed this shirt in three weeks – but it’s my ‘town’ shirt, so really, it’s only been worn like eight times since the last wash anyway. Even the toilets were beautiful.

The fact that I took a photo of them only goes further to show just how different of a world I’m living in right now. Also beautiful were the fireplaces, the painted ceilings, the staff, the views, the food, the company… I could continue. Richard tossed Doc the keys to drive back, and squeezed into the back with us!

I leaned over and whispered, “Is it my turn next?”

“Of course – we just have to drop the boys off first!” he replied with a big smile.

That’s me. Driving a Ferrari. Have I said that yet? That I drove a Ferrari today? Sorry. Don’t mean to repeat myself. Just a tad excited for such a surreal day. I do feel slightly guilty that the experience was probably lost on me… It was a VERY cool moment, but also – I’m not a cars girl. I don’t know the difference between this one and the next. I guess I don’t appreciate how lucky I am with such a crazy experience; Doc nearly exploded with excitement, as would more than a few others, I’m sure. But it definitely was a fun day.

Richard asked me more than once, “I told you it would get better after yesterday morning, didn’t I?”

What a man.

We even stopped at In-n-Out burger for dinner on our way home. I hadn’t just had a ‘better day’ than yesterday. I hadn’t just got a better fitting pair of shoes, or a fun drive and good feed.

Today just about blew me away.

The surprises that are waiting on this path ahead of me – I can’t even imagine or dream up.

One of my favourite Bible verses is Ephesians 3:20, and I am absolutely living it out:

“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you.”

3 thoughts on “Day Thirty Seven: ZERO

  1. brontiderob says:

    Movie stars, fast cars, and golf resorts. When you contemplated hiking the PCT, I suspect in your wildest expectations you never believed you’d actually be getting the full, entire California experience while hiking through the desert. Awesome!

    FYI, I’m still off trail. It will likely be at least three more weeks before I can get back on, and that’s only if things go well here. It’s not me. I’m ready to go. If I get back on trail and run into you, I’ll fill you in.

    Fair winds,


  2. bronty says:

    Exceeding your wildest imagination??
    Ah …. I’d say that’s a definete yep!!
    So far, so good I reckon! 😂

    Love you loads xxx


  3. Mumma K says:

    Amen and Amen !!
    Totally amazing!
    The blessings that pour your way are just mind blowing Naomi Joy!
    So happy for you !


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