Day Thirty Eight: ZERO

It’s hard when you have to follow up days like meeting the tenth Doctor Who (I love you David Tennant!) or driving a Ferrari, because really – how do you do that?

How does it get better than this?

I’m sorry if you’re expecting a huge big brilliant OHMYGOODNESSTHISACTUALLYDIDJUSTGETBETTER answer… I don’t have one.

Today, I had a fairly ordinary day. And I loved it.

I think that’s what makes those other days so flipping special: when they are out of the blue, unexpected. I can hope for more, imagine them coming, live in anticipation and gratitude for each and every day.

Sometimes, a hug from an old friend is more special than driving a fancy car. Sometimes, just a hot meal, or hearing my parents tell me they love me does more good than dining at a crazy expensive classy country club for the president of the United States.

Instead of thinking of ‘normal, boring’ days as a letdown, I see them as a countdown! There will ALWAYS be another cool meeting or blessing or surprise around the corner. Life is like a big great treasure hunt God has laid out for me, and it’s my choice to either sit on my butt and cling to moments that have already passed, or venture further into the future to discover what else is ahead.

Richard was heading to a local Costco again to get more supplies for the store and Doc needed to head to a post office, so I invited myself to join them. I would have just been hanging around otherwise, resting up my feet – might as well do it in a car and see if an adventure arises.

And I got some pictures of Costco!

It was a great day to take easy and get my head back into hiking mode after being off trail for so long.

When we got back to Hikertown, Thibaud was there! He’s been a few days behind us since nearly week one, so it was absolutely lovely to give him a hug and face hiking again with a friend.

Our next section from here is the aqua duct. It’s notorious for people getting sun stroke or heat exhaustion, dehydration, and just not doing well at all. There is zero shade, we start walking through wind farms, and if you time it wrong things can go bad pretty quickly.

Mum had sent me a few pictures and tips on where to camp, what to expect ahead etc.

It was disappointing I can’t do it with them, but now I can do it with T-man, so I’m going to be fine.

The trail provides.

Yesterday, it provided me with new shoes and a brilliant day. Earlier on, it provided me with Maya and Dario and Speedy, and their encouragement and friendship. Today, it provided me Thibaud 💛 (Also, just so you know, his name’s pronounced like Tee-bow – and bow as in bow and arrow, not a bow to an audience 😉)

Tomorrow? We’ll see…

3 thoughts on “Day Thirty Eight: ZERO

  1. Kim says:

    A beautiful reflection Nay! There is so much beauty in the ordinary ❤️ I’m just now catching up on your last few days of hike, (although we did have a moment of ‘oh my gosh is that a David Tennant? So COOL!’). I am suuuper proud of you, maybe not for the reasons you’d expect (?) take another zero day, have a big cry, (have a good laugh with strangers or friends)! You have big goals but you also need to care for yourself along the way and that is completely valid. (I’m saying this to you as much as I am saying it to me!)
    Today we went with a family to visit some caves, it was only a 500m climb, but for their little 4 year old, it was a mountain. It was mildly steep to me so I was appreciating the steps were twice as big to him. I observed his journey as it went from ‘this is really big daddy… I don’t know if I can do this…’ (reply:) ‘it’s ok bud, you can do it, just take one step at a time, we believe in you’ – to – screaming, crying, dragging his feet; to then calm again and then again later a complete meltdown, his dad ended up carrying him from one arm the last 10 metres down. It reminded me of how much our daddy is cheering us on ‘you can do it, just take it one step at a time, you’re doing really well just take it slow’… he’s cheering you on and he’s wrapping you in grace when you feet are too sore to go on!
    Love reading your journey chick, you’re awesome!
    Lots of love Kim xx


  2. Mumma Kay says:

    How good is that!
    Love hearing all the adventures- extreme and ordinary- all come together as a beautiful tapestry of walking the Trail.
    Love you.


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