Day Forty Five: 980.0 – 1015.3km

Can you tell I was inspired yesterday?

These are the moments I have come out here for. These are the moments I don’t think I could find if I were anywhere else. And yet, I know these moments are how I should be living every day.

I don’t want to get so bogged down in life I forget these simple, beautiful truths. I want to learn how to keep my clarity in the hustle and bustle.

I’m glad I had such a brilliant day yesterday. It helped to still be in that frame of mind when I woke up and couldn’t open my eyes properly. I was genuinely confused, and took a selfie to try and figure out what was wrong – because something sure felt wrong.


Hey girl.

That eye seems a little swollen there.

I could either cry, feel sorry for myself, blame the world and stress about WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY FACE. Or… I could laugh. So I laughed. Thibaud woke up to me laughing (we’d cowboy camped in a big camping carpark) and he joined in. Tentatively, at first: I think he wanted to make sure I was actually okay with it and not flipping out, but what else could I do? Might at well laugh! And take another picture.

“I guess I’m stuck with you today.”


“It would be a crime to leave you by yourself like this!”

Europeans are so dramatic!

My only minor frustration was that as we walked, it put a pretty big strain on my left eye: trying to decipher rocks and trip hazards and weird desert lizard toads.

And the views, of course. Never want to miss these, even if it is my everyday now. But at least I can take pictures and try and figure out where I was later on.

I know we passed the 1000km mark! Didn’t miss that one! 😉

The swelling went down over the course of the day. I’d taken a couple anti-histamines, some ibuprofen and paracetamol and prayed for it.

The going theory is that it was my tent’s fault… I strap my tent onto the bottom outside of my pack, and we had walked past poison oak and other irritating plants yesterday were not supposed to touch – maybe my tent swiped up against a couple and I hadn’t realised? And then, because I used it as a pillow… Just a bad combo. Either that, or a cheeky ant got to me in my sleep. But I didn’t wake up from any sting or bite. Meh, it went away by the evening.

Another insight into life on trail: makeshift clothes lines. I’m out of clean undies, and we reached a major water cache at the foot of a mountain pass. Technically, it’s probably bad form for me to use the water for laundry… but I didn’t use much, I promise! And there was more than 300 gallons sitting in massive jugs, so no one was going thirsty any time soon.

Tying them off on a rope and tying the rope around a Joshua tree without getting impaled was harder than I imagined, but I got there in the end. Was only pricked twice, and I made sure the blood didn’t get on my clean jocks.

Ah, the joys of Pacific Crest Trail hiker life.

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